The Best White Pizza in the World is in Paris
The best white pizza in the world is in paris

The Best White Pizza in the World is in Paris

The facade, in a purple tone, already conveys an air of warmth. The room is relatively small, with warm lights and bookshelves on the walls; it’s just cozy! The outdoor area, which borders the sidewalk, is the perfect place for a quiet and tasty lunch on a spring or summer afternoon.
You may already be aware that I have a certain attachment to this nice little place in the Montmartre neighborhood, right? Well, Paulo and I lived close to Babalou 7 years ago when I was still studying confectionery. Of course, this place full of memories is super special for us!

Photo: Courtesy of TripAdvisor

The appetizers, which consist of portions of cold cuts, burratas, sun-dried tomatoes and artichokes, cost around € 10 (2018 prices). The pizzas and pastas range from € 9.50 to € 15. On the other hand, desserts have an average value of 6 € – the most popular is, of course, tiramisù. But do you want advice from a friend? Try the limoncello ice cream that makes my mouth water just to remember!

For those who do not sympathize with tomato sauce or want a different experience at the pizzeria, the alternative is white pizza with mascarpone sauce – which is even our favorite. All the ingredients are very fresh, tasty and the dough is thin and crunchy in size! If you feel like you can’t handle an entire pizza, you can also order a smaller version that comes with a side salad ?

I’ll be very sincere: for me this is the best pizzeria in the world, without exaggeration. Paulo, as much as he loves the place, does not put it on the same level, but believes that it undoubtedly occupies the first position in the city of Paris. In any case, it is certainly worth knowing the place!
The Balalou pizzeria is located at Rue Lamarck, 4, near the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, in Montmartre, one of the most charming in the city and, of course, one of my favorites.
Opening Hours:

Every day, from 12pm to 3pm and from 6pm to 11pm

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