“The Biggest Loser” “Maintaining weight is a life’s work”: Alexandra Gregus about her new self

“The Biggest Loser” “Maintaining weight is a life's work”: Alexandra Gregus about her new self

“My name is Alexandra and I weigh 103.4 kilograms” – this sentence was at the beginning of the weight loss journey of “Biggest Loser” winner Alexandra Gregus. In the end, she was able to cut her weight by over half. Nobody has done that before during the show. She spoke to Marians Welt about the time after the show and how she managed to maintain her weight.

Losing weight is hard, but maintaining weight loss can be harder. “The Biggest Loser” winner Alexandra Fregus can also tell you a thing or two about it. Since cutting her weight in half almost two years ago, she has had to adapt to a new way of life. How she did it and what tips she has for those willing to lose weight, she reveals to Marians Welt!

1. How has your life changed since “The Biggest Loser”?

Alexandra Gregus: It has changed by 180 °! I’m now living a completely different life than I was 2.5 years ago. Much healthier, much more sporty, which of course also made me fitter and more active. But my being has also changed. I feel good in my own skin now and can appear much more confident and self-assured as a result.

2. Do you sometimes regret participating in the show?

Absolutely no way! Why also? The show has enriched me so much. Not only have I lost half of my body face, but I have gained an incredible amount of valuable knowledge. The show got me to a point I would never have gone alone!

3. What expectations did you have before you took part in “The Biggest Loser” and have they been fulfilled?

My only expectation was to start losing weight again. I didn’t really want to go on TV for that, but I knew that this kind of pressure would work for me, finally, no more excuses why it didn’t work!

4. What has been harder – lose the weight or keep the weight off now?

Neither is easy! However, the real art for me is holding! Losing weight is actually quite simple and if you stay disciplined it is a time-limited task.

Keeping the weight on the other hand is a life’s work! It means repeatedly fighting the weaker self and tackling old habits.

5. What tips do you have to help you lose weight?

First and foremost, you have to know what your goal is and find really good reasons why you want to achieve it. I always say there should be at least three important reasons to pull it off.

Then you should make a weekly plan that defines exactly what you eat when and when you do sport. This plan is then binding! Similar to a timetable from school. In the past, we also had no option to discuss whether we wanted math on Mondays at 8 o’clock or not, that was the case.

Next, I recommend always being curious and open to new recipes. I love cookbooks and can only recommend my own cookbook with my favorite recipes. Whoever cooks what he always cooks will never come up with a “new” taste and change his eating habits significantly. So be brave and try things out!

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6. What is your everyday life like in terms of sport and nutrition?

These two issues are high priority in my current life.

Sport has become an integral part of my daily routine. In the beginning I always had to plan this firmly. Today I no longer think about whether I would like to go into sports. I enjoy watching my physical change. I feel fitter than ever.

A healthy diet free of processed foods with lots of fruit and vegetables has become a matter of course for me. That means that I almost always cook everything myself. During the week I cook my meals for work. This is also called meal prep. So I’m always prepared and I have guaranteed delicious and healthy food.

Both of these are of course very time-consuming, but it is time that I invest in myself and my health and therefore the best investment there is.

7. You used to eat when you were stressed or in a bad mood – what do you do now?

Today I am much more balanced and satisfied overall. I pay much more attention to myself and my needs. I consciously take time to pause and slow down. That’s a huge positive change from before. But even today it sometimes happens to me that I compensate with food. It is important to be reflected here and not see everything negatively. Think positive and the next day will be better! Behavior patterns that have been acquired over such a long period of time take a long time to change permanently.

It is important to know where it comes from, then you can prevent it and in the best case avoid these situations.

8. What was your worst dieting experience?

Diets that are supposed to work purely on the basis of shakes. I like to eat far too much to want to drink my food three times a day. The thoughts about food get so incredibly big in such diets! You get cravings and bad cravings. With the right foods, you can eat very low calories and still eat in large enough portions that will fill you up.

9. What are your goals for 2019?

Consistently stick to my healthy lifestyle. In 2018 I developed a lot further in the field of sports and did a lot of training as a trainer. I think being a trainer is great and motivates me.

In 2019 I would like to tackle the topic of nutrition more. I will be more active in the area of ​​advice and coaching. I enjoy helping people change their diet.

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