The Biggest São João in the World | Campina Grande

The Biggest São João in the World |  Campina Grande

June parties are the best things this month, aren’t they? In the south and southeast, we usually enjoy the typical cold weather at that time of year, having a nice hot meal, eating delicious cakes, paçocas … Of course, I had to start talking about typical foods, haha ​​?
However, The Greatest Saint John in the World happens in the heat of Paraíba, more specifically in Campina Grande. Since 1983, parties have been going on all month long, and that year, I had the opportunity to spend a few days there.

Photo – Thiago Santos

The entrance to this gigantic party is free and, despite being very crowded, the organization surprised me very positively. All the attractions are incredible: shows, gangs, food stands and even weddings – that’s right, you didn’t read it wrong!
On Valentine’s Day there is always a collective wedding held by the city hall and, that year, there were simply 120 couples making the union official. The beautiful party was in one of the main points of the city, the People’s Park.
In fact, it is in this region where there is the greatest concentration of people and shows, especially forró. In the last editions the party brought artists of the most varied styles – this year it has since Wesley Safadão (06/18) and Elba Ramalho (06/22) until Maiara and Maraisa (06/25) and Luan Santana (06/29).

Photo –

The space known as the Pyramid is the most beautiful of the party – in my opinion, of course. It is here where the gang championships of several cities in the region take place. In addition, this colorful space is the greatest charm both day and night, don’t you think? In the surroundings there are also several shows on smaller stages ?

Photo – City Hall of Campina Grande

For those who want to know more about this party, Locomotiva do Forró leaves Campina Grande and goes to the municipality of Galante, where there are also many shows and several options for food and craft stalls. Furthermore, the trip itself is quite an attraction ?
For those who have not yet been or do not know, this year the trips are still available on June 18, 23, 24 and 25. The departure from Estação Velha (Cotton Museum) always happens at 10am and the return is at 3pm. The values ​​vary from R $ 125.00 to R $ 145.00.
So, do you also love a beautiful June celebration? I confess I do not give up going to a party that is this month!

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