the charm and charm of Paris in a neighborhood

the charm and charm of Paris in a neighborhood

Like Belleville, Le Marais is another neighborhood in Paris that deserves at least one visit. It is super charming, with beautiful streets and many shops, cafes, art galleries and bars. As the region has a very diverse trade, it is very busy and you will almost always find something new there.
Another interesting fact about the region is that it is occupied by a large community of Jews, so some restaurants specialize in Jewish cuisine. As the neighborhood is not very large, it is possible to know the main points just by walking. If you intend to visit Le Marais, but still don’t know what to visit, you can rest assured that I will tell you about the must-see places in the neighborhood!

Rosiers Street

the charm and charm of Paris in a neighborhood

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One of the most famous streets in Le Marais is Rue des Rosiers. There are concentrated restaurants and cafés with Jewish cuisine, as well as some clothing stores with a more vintage style. Ah, right at the beginning of the street you can also take some time to visit the small garden in the area, called Rosiers-Joseph Migneret Garden.
L’As du Fallafel is always among the favorite restaurants for those who go up this street. Some say that they sell the best falafel in Paris, so the place is always full. As the dumpling is made of chickpeas, even those who are vegetarian and vegan can enjoy the salty ?


the charm and charm of Paris in a neighborhood

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There’s nothing better than trying different dishes and visiting amazing restaurants when we travel, right? L’As du Fallafel, as I already told you, is one of the highlights of the region. Another place that has wonderful food and an even better wine list is Le Barav. I recommend asking for the gratin ravioli or the soup of the day!
For coffee or dessert, the two best places at Le Marais are Breizh Café and La Caféothèque. The first of them serves delicious crepes with different filling options, while the other is more popular with those who want a croissant or some puff pastry salty.

Museums and art galleries

the charm and charm of Paris in a neighborhood

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Paris is not lacking in museums and art galleries. It is as if every neighborhood in the city has some hidden corner facing either of these two things. At Le Marais, for example, the Musée National Picasso is located. The museum space occupies the Hôtel Salé, which is a 17th century building. There you will not find Picasso’s most famous works and is, of course, a mandatory stop for anyone who loves art.
Galerie Perrotin is also another incredible place for those who enjoy art. The exhibitions are focused on contemporary art and change regularly, so be sure to visit the gallery’s website to take a look at what will be on display when you’re there.

the charm and charm of Paris in a neighborhood

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If you’re the type who loves museums, there are two great options around the region to add to your itinerary. The first of these is the Musée Cognacq-Jay, which is located in a private mansion and is a paradise for those who enjoy seeing furniture, paintings and antique objects. The Musée des Arts et Métiers, on the other hand, is geared towards science and technology, with a super varied collection of machines, molds of means of transport and other inventions that have been important throughout history.


the charm and charm of Paris in a neighborhood

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In addition to the Rosiers-Joseph Migneret Garden, other green areas in the neighborhood are also worth a visit. The Place des Vosges is a well-known park in Paris, mainly because of the immaculate gardens and the architectural beauty of the buildings around it.
A less busy and ideal option for those who want to rest in a quieter place is the Jardin Anne Frank. It has several stools and a type of tunnel that forms a beautiful setting for photos!


the charm and charm of Paris in a neighborhood

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You couldn’t put aside some stores for shopping, could you? There are a lot of cool stores there, but I selected three places that you can’t miss. Fleux ‘is, without a doubt, my favorite in the neighborhood. It is geared towards household items and several of my kitchen utensils and accessories that appear in the videos were purchased there.
Merci follows more or less the same style as Fleux ‘, but it it also has a part of the store focused on women’s and men’s clothing and accessories. Last but not least, A Kilo Shop. The place is the dream of someone who loves a good thrift store and loves to mine to find different pieces for a cheaper price.
You can spend at least a day getting to know Le Marais. As much as you don’t have time to stroll around the neighborhood, make a pre-selection of the places you most want to visit. That way, you already program yourself properly and avoid forgetting any point that you would like to have gone to ? I swear it is worth the visit!

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