The choice of suitcase!

The choice of suitcase!

Practicality is everything when it comes to travel, right? One of the most important things to have a smooth ride from the airport is the choice of suitcase! To find the best model, I have separated 5 very important points that you must take into account before buying yours!


The choice of suitcase!

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As we take a lot of equipment on trips, Paulo and I prefer the rigid bags. In addition to being more structured and not wetting, this type of garment usually lasts longer than fabric models. The downside is that, depending on the material, they can break more easily, after all, we know that luggage at airports is not normally taken with care. Still, I think the rigid suitcase has a lot more advantages than disadvantages ?


The choice of suitcase!

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Light models are always better options! What good is having a mega spacious and heavy suitcase? Let’s use our franchise with our parts! This point is even more important for handbags, because the piece is simply dispatched if it is not within the weight.


The choice of suitcase!

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As we travel a lot we have small, medium and large bags, but if that is not your case, bet on medium models and good hand bags. Very large suitcases are heavier and can be bad for shorter national trips. Of course, everyone has a way to assemble the suitcase and if you know that you are an exaggerated person, who likes to travel with a lot of things, it is worth investing in a large model.
Regardless of the type of piece you choose, always pay attention to the open suitcase! There are some models that look huge on the outside, but in fact they are not very practical and spacious on the inside: / Another cool tip for those who have problems closing their suitcases on the back is to look for expandable models; those that have a side zipper that increase the width of the suitcase!


The choice of suitcase!

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Internal and external compartments are very welcome! The exteriors, especially in the handbag, are great for international travel when you need to leave separate documents when going through immigration. In the bag that will be shipped, I always like to have at least 2 compartments. It is usually easier to organize necessaries / shoes on one side and clothes on the other.
When the internal partition has a zipper it is even better! Those offal, like socks and underwear, can stay there!


The choice of suitcase!

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Did you see a cute suitcase with two wheels? Forgets! Parts with four wheels that turn 360 ° are always better! In addition to not having to tilt your suitcase to walk through the airport, it still serves as a support for your bag or backpack ? When you are at the store, remember to walk with your suitcase from side to side and see if the wheels do not lock and really slide well across the floor – there’s nothing more annoying than having a suitcase getting stuck in the middle of the airport!
Do you pay attention to any more details before buying the perfect suitcase? Tell us in the comments!

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