The cities with the most amazing channels in the world
The cities with the most amazing channels in the world

The cities with the most amazing channels in the world

To know a new place is to encounter the different. For me, one of the coolest things about traveling is discovering new ways of looking at the world and, oddly enough, even the means of transportation we use at the destination changes our perception.
I think it was for this reason that I decided to write this post with the cities with the most beautiful channels in the world. It’s amazing to be able to walk around these places and admire the places from another point of view, don’t you think?

Bruges – Belgium


Picture – TraveleZe

To get a little out of the obvious, I decided to start with this city that not everyone knows. The canals cross the city and a boat ride will allow you to take a closer look at the beautiful architecture of the place. The old Gothic houses and shops are super charming ?

Stockholm – Sweden


Picture – Canuck Abroad

I believe that everyone has heard of Stockholm, but what not everyone knows is that the city consists of 14 islands. That’s right, the channels permeate the entire region! Bridges connect the entire city, but it is worth strolling through the channels of the Swedish capital to enjoy the scenery even more.
Despite its difficult name, Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen is Stockholm’s main channel. It is possible to reach the Vasa Museum in a much more interesting way ?

Suzhou – China


Photo – Fodors Travel Guide

China has dozens of cities permeated by canals and one of the best known and most beautiful is Suzhou, which is 1 hour from Shanghai. The city was built in the 5th century and, in addition to the canals, Suzhou is full of beautiful gardens. Just from the photos the place looks so beautiful that it’s hard to believe it’s real, don’t you think?

Bangkok – Thailand


Foto – Hotels The Peninsula

Leaving a little peace and tranquility, Bangkok is a very, very busy city. The Thai capital is one of the most populous cities in Asia and is always full of tourists. The canals contrast with the urban landscape and taking a boat trip is a great way to get away from all that movement.

Giethoorn – Netherlands


Photo – Fabulous Destination

To get out of the obvious a bit and not list Amsterdam, I selected this Dutch city that seems to have come out of a fairy tale. Geithoorn is close to the capital, but grew up in swamps and its canals were built by farmers in the 17th century. The place has already entered my Wishlist!

Venice – Italy


Photo – The South

I wanted to give you more unusual tips, but I couldn’t end this post without mentioning Venice. The city is one of the most touristic in the world, it is expensive, it has a bad smell in some seasons, but it has breathtaking landscapes.
Venice was once an important commercial city in the 10th century and walking through its streets or browsing its canals it is impossible not to be enchanted by the architecture, art and history of this place.

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