The City Bakery – NY

The City Bakery - NY

My adventure for the Foodies on duty today was on a veryooooooo cold winter morning when the thermometers showed -18 ° C. Crazy. I don’t know if you have been paying attention to the media, but it has been a winter like never before felt by my skin in these five years I live here, a winter in which only a lot of hot chocolate, coffee and lip-burning tea saves!
That morning, before the daily schedule, I went very early to Manhattan and at the suggestion of a friend, we stopped at The City Bakery for our breakfast. The place became known for its Hot Chocolate. According to NY times magazine, what “Katz is for Pastrami, City Bakery is for hot chocolate”. That is, the best in town !! The fame is so great that they charge US $ 7.00 for the hot chocolate bowl accompanied by a HUGE marshmallow – maybe this is the difference… lol
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The city Bakery founder Maury Rubin looks like a mad scientist. And it can be found at any time of the day doing a little bit of everything. He makes dough for croissants and pastries, he prepares Hot Chocolate, he has developed all the brands and logos of Bakery and also accumulates the position of CEO of the Company. He does a little bit of everything and the day I was there, I could watch him go from one corner to the next, preparing the chocolate and smiling at the customers.
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The public that frequents the Bakery is very local but every now and then some tourist who has heard about the fame of hot chocolate appears there, especially the Japanese. Located near Union Square, they also serve sandwiches, pizzas and salads for lunch. Whenever possible, the recipes are made with ingredients from the Farmer’s Market that takes place in the square a few times a week, that is, it is sustainable, conscious, purchases from local producers, organic products (often) and much, much more fresh.
The place is wide and has a mezzanine with many tables (there is certainly no difficulty in finding a place to sit) and many of the customers pass by in New York’s “grab and go” mode: stop, buy, and eat on the way to the work =].
The options are restricted. There is no menu. They have green juices (a juice bar just dedicated to this healthy wave of the moment), a yogurt station and another hot oatmeal station with many toppings. Pastries are the flagship of the place and the famous bagel, eggs and bacon can also be found here.
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As I wasn’t sure when I was going to have lunch, I opted for scrambled eggs with spinach and onions which, although tasty was warm (and I love everything that should be eaten hot is really hot), accompanied by bread and cream cheese and a cup of coffee. strainer with skimmed milk. Paty chose the famous / expensive hot chocolate with a maple scone and the same scrambled eggs. She said that hot chocolate is really yummy. I didn’t taste it because despite working with and loving chocolate, I don’t like hot chocolate = . It was creamy and I just saw it to believe the size of the marshmallow that comes with it… lol
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Inside the Bakery there is the ‘Chocolate Room’, a place where you will find the hot chocolate ready to go. Cold or hot, milk or bitter (dark). Packed in tetrapack for half the price of what is served there and, of course, does not accompany the marshmallow. Apart from a few chocolate bars and the hot chocolate powder mix to make at home.
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Apart from the hot chocolate that I found a bit expensive, the prices are not so bad and most items are paid for by weight, so you can choose how much you want to eat.
Anyway, a good option for our daily breakfast before starting to walk around the city that never sleeps.
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