The color of summer

The color of summer

Pastel tones are great for hot days. Light and delicate, they are incredible to compose feminine, sophisticated productions and also super cools looks.
Rosé is my favorite for many reasons and that’s why I decided to put on visuals for you to be inspired this summer!



Photo 1 – Lovin Blog / Photo 2 – Refinery 29 / Photo 3 – Coolture Fashion

The female looks in that tone are classic. You can make a pretty girlie look with monochromatic pieces (photo 2) and more modern products that mix prints and layers (photo 3). In addition, a pink blouse is great for a lighter work look with white pants, for example. This tone is romantic and delicate, super easy to match!



Photo 1 – Classy in the city / Photo 2 – Sincerely Jules / Photo 3 – Esla Moda

Anyone who thinks that this color only looks good on white bees is wrong. Who has that summer bronze is also amazing. Choose the tones with the most “blushes” erased. They are great for takeoff productions, very boho. Overalls, dresses and blouses worked, asymmetrical skirts … There are many options for this type of look.
A great tip is to use the famous body chain (this huge necklace from the third photo) over the top. The look is a little “gypsy” and beachy, great for this season!



Photo 1 – Branded girls / Photo 2 – Juliana Parisi / Photo 3 – Pinterest

Rosé can go to your more casual productions. Choose to “break” the romantic style, with pieces that are loose and closed. Combine with accessories and other pieces in earthy and neutral tones: browns, beiges, jeans, nudes, moss green… The productions are much more modern.



Photo 1 – Fashionismo / Photo 2 – Only the design / Photo 3 – The Blend Shop

For those who like to dare, bet on asymmetrical pieces, full of details (fringes are great options) and unusual combinations. A very light pink dress with a heavier jacket looks amazing!

Where to find?


  1. Erika Ikezili and Farfetch | R $ 200.00
  2. THELURE at OQVestir | R $ 498.00
  3. John John R $ 159,20
  4. VI and CO. at OQVestir | R $ 228.00
  5. CD + at Farfetch | R $ 235.00

There are many options, right? Do you already have a favorite?

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