The coolest Netflix releases

The coolest Netflix releases

You better call Saul
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The secondary character of the series Breaking Bead, won over the audience and is now the protagonist in the series Better Call Saul, the series shows the adventures of Saul Goodman and how he became a lawyer for Walter White. Worth watching, especially if you’re a fan of Necklace, like me! The first chapter is super stylish, but a little slow. But I have to tell you, hold on, because from halfway through the second chapter, everything changes and the series becomes incredible. I mean, the third chapter has not yet aired, but I hope it will continue on the same footing and shift into gear.

House of cards
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The long-awaited new season of the series debuts in February House of cards. This North American series tells the story of an ambitious politician, Frank Underwood who wants to be the most powerful man in the USA, but things end up not going the way he wants and from there he starts using everything he knows about the medium political to achieve your goals. For those who watched the last episode of last season know that he managed to reach the top of the food chain, he became president of the United States of America. But and now? Will he be able to stay there?
Marco Polo
If you liked the series Orange is the new black and House of Cards, Here comes another series from Netflix that promises to be very exciting, not to mention the image quality. More than 90 million dollars were spent to produce! The protagonist of the story is an Italian spy and ambassador who lives adventures in various parts of the world. The story takes place in the 13th century and the themes are diverse, from political betrayals, prohibited passions to martial arts. For the trailer the series will be absurd. What did you think?
Tell me what is your favorite series?

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