The Cradle City of Portugal

The Cradle City of Portugal

Many Portuguese cities still maintain their traditional essences and with a medieval style, as in the case of Óbidos. Another region that also follows these same characteristics is Guimarães! The place is even considered “cradle city” of Portugal, not only because of the battles that took place in this area centuries ago, but also because the country’s first king, Afonso Henrique, was born there.
Knowing historical spaces is always incredible, mainly because it manages to emerge a little more deeply in the country’s culture. Those who follow our travel vlogs know how much Paulo and I love to understand the history of the places, so we always try to add this type of place to our itinerary. If you also feel like visiting Guimarães, or just curious to know what to do there, just read all the tips that I will give dar

How to get

The Cradle City of Portugal

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Guimarães is located in the north of the country. For those who plan to go to Porto, for example, getting to know the city is super simple. It is just over 50 km from Porto – about 50 minutes by car. For those who have not rented a vehicle, it is possible to do train path, and it takes an hour and fifteen minutes on average.
Since the two paths have almost the same length of time, you can choose which one you prefer. If you want to get a sense of prices and, who knows, guarantee a car reservation, just click here! As for trains, or “trains”, the ticket usually costs around € 3.

Where to stay

The Cradle City of Portugal

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Much of the sights of Guimarães can be seen in just one day. Still, some people choose to sleep in the city before going on with the script, especially those who are doing a road trip. If this is the case, be sure to book the hotel before your trip.
One of the most interesting options is the Pousada Mosteiro de Guimarães. It is located in an old Augustinian monastery from the 12th century, so anyone who enjoys history will love the place. For those who want more modern options, two good choices are Santa Luzia ArtHotel and Villa Margaridi. Both have comfortable accommodation and are often highly praised by tourists ?

Where to eat

The Cradle City of Portugal

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Walking through Guimarães you will find great restaurants, especially if you try to explore the city thinking like a local. Paulo and I always try to know different aspects of the cuisine of each place. In the same way that we like to try dishes from starred restaurants, we do not give up visiting a simpler space and taste very typical and traditional dishes.
To have different experiences like this, I selected 4 restaurants. THE The Babachris and The Kitchen by António Loureiro are more refined places. For a restaurant with cheaper and delicious dishes, be sure to go to the Fentils and to Tangerine Color. The last one I mentioned has an entirely vegetarian menu. Among the dishes are rice with wild mushrooms and island cheese or cashews with soy sausage, vegetables and mashed potatoes with thyme.

What to visit

The Cradle City of Portugal

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Being a small city, the tourist attractions of Guimarães are very close to each other. In a short walk you can already visit the Guimarães Castle it’s the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança. The two places open only after 10 am, so there’s no use waking up too early to meet them.
Another landmark of the city is the Church of Our Lady of Consolation and Santos Passos. Its construction was completed around 1785 and since then it has been an iconic point of Guimarães. Those who like museums can also stop by Alberto Sampaio Museum. His collection has more than 2 thousand objects and pieces from the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. It doesn’t open on Mondays, so be careful to program it properly!

Guimarães Cable Car

The Cradle City of Portugal

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One of the most beautiful landscapes in the region is that of Guimarães Cable Car. It joins Guimarães to Montanha da Penha and along the way you will have a different view of the city. The distance between the two points is 1700 meters and at 400 meters altitude. Think twice before you go if you are afraid of heights!
The opening hours vary according to the time of year. I’ll leave the link to their website here so you can see exactly when you intend to go and what will be his hours on that day and month.
Did you like the tips? If you go to other places in Portugal, also be sure to take a look at the posts about other cities and regions. I have already shared essential information about different regions of the country, such as the Algarve, Porto and Lisbon ?

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