“The crime scene” radical diet for this ex-commissioner

“The crime scene” radical diet for this ex-commissioner

For four years, Peter Kurth hunted criminals on television as Commissioner Erik Seidel. But the biggest challenge for the ex “crime scene” investigator was this brutal radical diet.

You only know something like that from Hollywood. Stars like Matthew McConaughey (46), Christian Bale (42) and Co. tormented themselves to the point of total physical exhaustion for their roles. Their torments were often rewarded with an Oscar.

Peter Kurth (58) will probably not be able to make chances for a golden boy for his new drama “Herbert”. He definitely deserves an honor for this brutal radical diet. For the role of an ex-boxer suffering from the nervous disease ALS, the ex- “crime scene” commissioner only put on 14 kilos and 13 of them immediately lost.

The particular challenge: the film was shot chronologically. So the 58-year-old had to slim down while filming. The pounds tumbled thanks to a “Neanderthal diet”. On the menu: “Greens and meat and four eggs every morning,” the actor revealed to “Bild am Sonntag”.

Whether the starvation was worth it will soon be shown on the screen. The film will hit the cinemas on Thursday (March 17th).

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