The decor comes in wood!

The decor comes in wood!

Woods always bring a more rustic and charming touch to the decor. I confess that I prefer the darker ones, since they combine very well with black and environments with a more industrial style that I love. Anyway, details like this make all the difference and can be incorporated into almost any type of decor.

The decor comes in wood!

Photo: Sugar and Cloth

For those who are curious, here on the site I already talked a little about wooden tables. This time, I’ll give you some ideas on how to use logs in spaces. They have an unfinished appearance and bring a different harmony to the environment ?

Tables and benches

The decor comes in wood!

Photos: Kimberly Chau via Buzzfeed and West Elm

One of the most classic ways to use trunk parts in the décor is with tables and stools. If you want to decorate a small space, opt for benches, which can even serve as support tables.
The tables combine more with larger venues that already follow this more rustic decor theme. Therefore, be careful when choosing which piece will be part of the place. As different as it is, it is necessary that she talk to the other decorative objects.


The decor comes in wood!

Photo: Sofa Workshop via Pinterest

The more discreet can choose to buy candle holders with this more unfinished footprint. These objects can vary in size and depend a lot on the taste of each one. Some people even make a DIY and create their own support at home, using wood found on the street or elsewhere.

To the table

The decor comes in wood!

Photos: Intimate Weddings and Bridal Guide

The time to serve lunch or dinner also gains a special charm with the “leaves” of wood under the plates. In that case, the trunks work like an American game. Combining with the table layout, add other green elements and more delicate details to make everything even more beautiful.
Another piece that can be incorporated are the cup holders. As with candles, they can be made at home if you enjoy getting your hands dirty.

Charm when serving

Do you know when you make a pretty dessert, but you have nowhere to serve it? A good solution to this problem is to use a tray or trunk for this purpose. This type of product can be easily found in kitchen and decoration stores and makes a big difference when serving something to visitors.

Decoration detail

Now, tips for those who prefer small changes, but still incredible. Trinket holders and pots are just some of the options that can be used in the environment. Depending on the wood you choose, you can poke some nails or nails and turn the trunk into a very authentic and original picture frame ?

Where to find?

The decor comes in wood!
1- Coffee tree trunk candle holder at Tok & Stok – R $ 49.90
2- Coffee cup coasters at Tok & Stok – R $ 39.90
3- Wooden log side table at ARBOREAL – R $ 4.300,00
4- Decor Trunk Tray at Shoptime – R $ 379.80
5- Centerpiece of small wooden table in Storehouse Home Decor – $ 59.00

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