The democratic hairstyle

The democratic hairstyle

Everyone here lives doing ponytails. It may be that you don’t like the look, but the heat hits and even at home we live doing the hairstyle! Lately I have noticed that there are several variations and I separated the ones I love the most for you too to be inspired!



Photo 1 – Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily / Photo 2 – Happily Gray / Photo 3 – Bibliotekgatan.

The loose ponytail, with messy strands and very “messy” is one of my favorites. Besides being very easy to do, it makes any look more casual. That’s the kind of unpretentious hairstyle.
In spite of everything, it can give a lot of work to those who have very smooth hair like mine. The tip is to use texturizer, mousses or even dry sahampoos to add volume to the hair.



Photo 1 – Refinery 29 / Photo 2 – Pop haircuts / Photo 3 – Getty Images

The look goes from the gym to a party. The looser ones give a more stripped air (even if not). Use hairpins under the elastic to give more support to the hairstyle and make the ponytail higher. Another tip is to pull the thread well, the look is more elegant – look at Rihanna!
I really like the top with volume. To achieve this effect just unravel the hair and then comb the hairs on top very carefully.



Photo 1 – What to use / Photo 2 – Blog do Alle / Photo 3 – Hair Silver

The short hair tails have everything. What I love most about them is that you can make thousands of variations: twisted bangs, several loose elastic bands and even layers of hair held in place by hairpins – the latter, by the way, is great for those who have layered hair and don’t want to keep it hair on your face!



Photo 1 – Claudinhas Toco / Photo 2 – Fashion Vice President / Photo 3 – Stay Glam

On the side or bangs, the braids make the hairstyle more romantic. I’m a fan and I’m sure that when I have a little more skill I will try one of these!
And you, already have your favorite?

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