The Detail that Makes the Difference!

The Detail that Makes the Difference!

Holographic, iridescent, iridescent effect… No matter what you call it, the fact is that the coatings and decorative objects with this multicolored metallic have been on the rise for a while – and you can’t deny that they make any environment instantly more interesting, right ?

The Detail that Makes the Difference!

Photo: Francesca

Although I love decor with a minimalist footprint, I confess that I often feel that different colors and textures leave the environment with much more personality. The holographic ends up becoming an unusual alternative and full of charm in details or even in coatings.
Doubt? I have separated some incredible inspirations that prove that the iridescent can compose even the most basic space decor ?


The Detail that Makes the Difference!

Photos: Mother Earth Living via Pinterest and Young House Love

Square or hexagonal glass inserts already bring an extra texture to any space, but the iridescent models are even more interesting to transform the decor. Depending on the input and the light intensity, the effect on the coating changes!
Currently, there are alternatives of all colored tones and subtones, so I am sure that this detail will not go unnoticed in any environment.


Are you daring and want to invest in holographic? Transparent polycarbonate furniture is an impactful alternative! However, in addition to being very striking and striking, the chairs and tables of this type of material have a very high value.
Mirrors and coated cabinet doors are cheaper options that can be made at home! The effect is amazing, right?


I need to say that I currently enjoy a more discreet effect and for that reason the smaller objects are my favorites to invest in the trend. It is those little details that draw attention, but they do not weigh in the final composition of the decor, you know?
Candles, bijoux holders, vases, stationery items, wall decorations… It all works!


The Detail that Makes the Difference!

Photos: Urban Outfitters and Urban Outfitters

Incredibly, one of the categories that draws the most attention when it comes to the holographic effect is kitchen utensils and accessories. Cutlery, glasses and even drink kits have all started the trend – and don’t they bring much more charm to the table?


Nowadays it is increasingly easy to find pieces and objects with this type of effect even here in Brazil. And as I couldn’t help sharing what I found the coolest, I made this selection with 10 items besides special ones ?
The Detail that Makes the Difference!
1- Iridescent Drink Kit at Casa Mind – R $ 159.00
2- Umbra Iridescent Confetti Wall Decoration – R $ 89.90
3- Hanna Vaso from Tok & Stok – R $ 62.50
4- Colab 55 Holo Cushion – R $ 60.00
5- Iridescent Bird P- R $ 24.90 | Iridescent Bird M – R $ 29.90 – Both in the Luster of the Castle
6- Bee Mine Shop Holographic Notebook – R $ 29.90
7- Ring Holder Iridescent Jack by Delar Finishes -R $ 59.90
8- Cutlery set at Zara Home – from R $ 25.90 an R $ 45.90 each
9- Tok & Stok Phyna Line Cup – R $ 36.50
10- Blue Gloss Gum Plate in Pastilhart – R $ 20.90

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