The fantastic Pasteis de Nata da Manteigaria

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Among so many sugary delicacies that exist in Portugal, there is nothing better known and tasted like Pastéis de Nata. Yes, de Nata!
We Brazilians (and maybe other nationalities, I’m not sure) used to call Pastel de Belém. So here goes the first lesson that everyone needs to learn: Pastel de Belém is the pastry of a traditional confectionery in Lisbon, in a neighborhood called Belém.
“Well, if you want Pastel de Belém, go to Belém!” – phrase that a friend of mine heard from a Portuguese before coming here for the first time! ?
This confectionery has existed since 1837, close to the Jerónimos Monastery and the Belém Tower, as well as other points of tourist attraction. And it is worth knowing, because besides being traditional, it is in a beautiful neighborhood (mainly on sunny days) and there is practically a “world” inside. It is possible to buy the pastries at the counter and eat on the street during a walk, or sit in one of the several salons and also drink a hot coffee or tea, in addition to trying the savory snacks. And it’s impressive: a place that is always full!
Even with tradition and stories to tell, I confess that this is not my favorite pastel de nata. There is a sale of this candy in any confectionery and bakery in the country, but after doing a survey with several people, I discovered that there is a place opened in July 2014 that has pleased both the Portuguese and the tourists: Butter – Pastéis de Nata Factory. It is close to my house and I make a point of taking everyone there, because it is worth it YES!
Miguel Rocha Vieira, Portuguese chef known for his participation in the “Masterchef Portugal” program, opened one of the doors of a historic building in one of Lisbon’s main neighborhoods. The recipe brings traditional ingredients and the manufacture can be observed by anyone who is on site.
And why the success in such a short time? In my humble opinion it is the combination of several factors:
Location – in front of one of the main squares in the city;
They are always fresh! – every half hour or so people hear the bell beside the door, which warns of the departure of a warm and fragrant batch. And it makes a difference;
Attendance – young and very friendly people always;
Practicality – it has no freshness, it is to enter and try it there at the counter, accompanied by a coffee or tea or whatever you want, or go out eating on the street or pick up and take home;
Price – yes, it is cheaper than many other places that do not make such delicious pastries;
Schedule – it is open from 08:00 to 00:00 every day!
And after trying all the pasteis de nata you can, leave your opinion here! ?
Put some cinnamon (which is always on the counter) and good appetite!
Rua do Loreto, 02, Chiado

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