The Figueira do Rubaiyat – São Paulo

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I am a little lazy at these very familiar restaurants, so I had never been to Figueira Rubaiyat, but as a friend of mine said that I liked it very much, I decided to take a chance. The place is really majestic, because of the huge fig tree that practically embraces the entire restaurant, and at lunchtime everything is very clear due to the large glass covering the ceiling. It could be a great place to have a drink on Sunday afternoons.
I ordered a risotto with seafood, which came extremely fresh and well made, in the ideal spot and very well served. A dish that easily serves two people who don’t overeat. I ended up not asking for dessert, because my friend had said to order a coffee or tea that accompanies a generous plate with several mini-sweets from the house, some really delicious and others not so much. Overall I liked the restaurant, I was just a little uncomfortable with the service, which aside from the hostess, very attentive, is not the best; and as a good virginiana I am, I was very upset with the bowl of my margarita that came dirty at the base, with bean sauce. And from that moment, as I am a little neurotic, it seems that I could not look at anything beyond that base: / Maybe it is not a place I would return to, but mainly because it is not my ideal type of place.
Figueira Rubaiyat is located at 1738 Haddock Lobo Street.
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