The frozen food controversy in French restaurants

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In the last week, a news that circulated a lot was about the scandal of French restaurants. Some (or rather the majority) have been accused of serving frozen food (ie, ready-to-eat) for innocent tourists and customers.
When you talk about France, you think about food. It’s automatic. Known for an age-old gastronomic culture and respected on the world stage, French chefs have a reputation to uphold. The country is the only country on the planet to have its cuisine classified as Unesco heritage. Some establishments, however, are threatening this fame. Were you shocked? Me too, when I heard.
In fact, this is something that has been going on for some time – in May last year, a bill was due to pass the Senate. He proposed that all restaurants write next to each option on the menu whether the dish was frozen, freshly made or canned. Apparently, there was no approval and now the confusion has come with even greater weight.
An investigative report from the TMC channel showed images from a camera hidden in a “restaurant”. There are scenes in which a waiter points to tourist customers and says that they “don’t understand anything about food” and, moreover, “they won’t even go back there”. Such was the hustle and bustle that the government returned to pronounce itself, just like last year. Another bill is about to be approved, this time a little differently. The proposal calls for the regulation of the use of the word restaurant. Thus, only establishments that actually cook and prepare meals on site can claim to be such.
According to the Aurélio Dictionary, a restaurant is a public place where food is prepared and served. In other words, the definition is not in keeping with the situation of almost a third (!) Of French establishments, which only heat food in-dus-tri-a-li-za-da in ovens or microwaves (!!!). Look, from the moment I take a plane and go to Europe to visit one of the most famous cities in the world, the least I want is for my food to be prepared in the place where I chose to have my meals. And, like me, thousands of other tourists certainly want the same thing.
In the last Ploc, Dani’s vlog, she talked about this scandal and, if you saw it (if not, click here), remember that she commented on Alain Ducasse, the president of the Culinary College of France. In April he launched the “recipe for the house” label, which differentiates a quality restaurant, that is, an establishment that acts with respect to the customer and informs about the origin of the local dishes. According to him, it is necessary to have a chef in the kitchen and not someone who warms up a bag of frozen food. Fully supported. If the bill is approved, the result will be a France with real restaurants and, therefore, more expensive. I prefer to go to Europe, pay a little more and eat good food. Is that you?

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