The future of the kitchen

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The future in the kitchen looks unpredictable, but at least we know that the word that has been most guiding the world and cuisine is: sustainability. And as we already know: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. For this reason, some accessories and creations in the culinary field have emerged with the objective of getting the best out of man without wasting food.

Foodini is a real prototype of a 3D food printer. Do you know when that laziness hits and you just want to press a button and your plate of food comes out ready? With this new technology, it separates you from a meal from a printer. Natural Machines to check the availability of the device. The prototype does not create the food but prints each one as you wish.

The printer only supports one ingredient at a time, more complex recipes have a longer time for its preparation. Even so, it is worthwhile for those who do not have time to cook. The estimated price for this wonder is one thousand euros.

the-future-of-kitchen-julia-sardenberg-engadget-foodini-ickfdSource: Engadget

For those who are on a diet and like to control what they eat, Nutrima can help you! ; D A flexible plate examines the foods that are placed on top of it and defines whether the product is suitable for consumption, how many calories the food contains, what the portion weight is and other nutritional information. The charging of the device is totally sustainable, loading mechanically with the movement of the device.

the-future-of-kitchen-julia-sardenberg-food-wall-nutrima-ickfdSource: Food on the Net

THE Electrolux Laptop Kitchen it is not an ordinary laptop. The technology uses induction to heat food and prepare it. A sustainable way to make your food without using gas and easy to transport. You could cook anywhere.

the-future-of-kitchen-julia-sardenberg-home-caprice-electrolux-laptop-ickfdSource: Home Caprice

We live in re-education and the HAPIfork it is a valuable tool for those who eat at a fast pace because it controls the speed with which you eat and warns you when you are exaggerating your pace. That way, you can have a healthier life, enjoying food more slowly which facilitates the daily diet. The device can be connected to IOS and Android apps, providing a history of your eating habits.

Gadget Show Gadget Watch Electronic ForkSource: The Gourmet

A life similar to that of the Jetsons may not be so far away! ; DE a more sustainable and healthy world may be closer than we think with the new technologies created every day.

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