The golden mean This is why belly fat is so dangerous

The golden mean This is why belly fat is so dangerous

Some put more fat on the thighs, others more on the stomach – often you can’t really influence that. But as studies have shown, belly fat is said to be significantly more harmful to health than fat in other parts of the body.

Dangerous belly fat increases the risk of various diseases

A few years ago, the best advice from doctors to stay healthy and fit for a long time was to take care of your figure and to be slim. Today we know: someone who is a bit overweight lives longer than someone who is spindly. The German Center for Diabetes Research at the University Hospital Tübingen has now found out that unfortunately this statement cannot easily be generalized either. It depends on where the fat is exactly.

Scientists examined almost 1,000 people and tested their blood values ​​and liver functions. The exact body fat analysis was also an important part of the investigation.

The result: Even relatively thin test subjects were sometimes significantly more likely to suffer from diabetes or heart problems. However, this was only true of those whose bodies store fat mainly in the abdomen. This belly fat is particularly dangerous. The fat cells there are only designed to be stored for a short time and after just under two hours the belly fat simply flows into the blood and damages the internal organs. If there is far too much belly fat, it even lays on the organs like a layer of fat – the famous fatty liver can develop.

Get rid of belly fat with proper exercise

Belly fat can quickly become a threat, because you don’t have to have a lot of it for it to have a negative effect on the body. You should therefore do something about it as soon as the first small pads show up. It works best with sport. By the way, it doesn’t matter which zones you train. The body is losing the same amount everywhere.

The principle is just do it! If you also follow these tips, the pounds will drop in no time:

  • To get rid of dangerous belly fat, focus more on endurance sports in the beginning like jogging, swimming or cycling. These are perfect sports for beginners, as the intensity can be individually adjusted.

  • After getting used to endurance training, you can also do light Start weight training exercises. This increases the energy expenditure, which even after the workout melts belly fat.

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Let’s go
7 tips against belly fat that really help

Belly fat is considered to be the meanest fat for health, because it sends more signal substances than fat from other regions. So you can finally get the pounds under control!

Fight dangerous belly fat with proper nutrition

Clear, Exercise is very important in getting rid of belly fat, but nutrition is just as high on this diet. You should pay particular attention to these nutritional tips:

  • Always keep an eye on them Calorie information of the products. So-called “light” products can sometimes be deceiving and have a lot more calories than expected.

  • Try on foods containing fat and sugar to forego as best it can.

  • Count on a lot Whole grains and vegetables. This keeps you full longer than, for example, wheat flour and is low in calories.

  • do not forget get enough protein. This helps build muscle and thus burn calories.

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