The hunt

The hunt

We are so used to big Hollywood productions that sometimes we miss out on great films that escape this aesthetic. Netflix is ​​our big darling and why not leave American films a little bit aside?
Passing through the thousands of films in the catalog, I stopped to watch The hunt, by Thomas Vinterberg (2012).


The Danish film tells the story of Lucas, played by the incredible Mads Mikkelsen – who received the award for best actor in Cannes. Lucas is a recently divorced middle-aged man who lives far away from his son, Marcus (Lasse Fogelstrom), and who works as a preschool monitor.
In addition to being super friendly and loved by friends, the protagonist becomes the platonic passion of Klara (Annika Wedderkopp) – daughter of one of her best friends and a daycare student. After being “rejected”, the small account for director that Lucas showed her private parts to her. Lucas now has to defend himself against accusations of pedophilia and the rejection of the entire city.
The mistakes of the police, the nursery and everyone involved create a snowball from which Lucas cannot get out. Considered a criminal by a large part of the population, the accused cannot even go to the market without being beaten.
The film makes us reflect on what we would do in a situation like this. It is difficult not to want a man accused of pedophilia far away. However, no one stops to reflect on whether it really happened or just a child’s imagination.
The actors put on a show apart! The interpretation of Mads, Annika and Lasse are the ones that stand out the most.
Run to Netflix now!

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