The innovative 3D kitchen

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the-innovative-kitchen-3d-the-food-rush-dish-food-ink-ickfdSource: The Food Rush
THE architecture it’s the design current use printers who can create models and other objects in seconds. But have you ever imagined eating plates made with 3D printers? It seems surreal, but it is the reality in Food Ink, the first restaurant to have one menu whole 3D printed!
And innovation doesn’t stop there, the restaurant is different from the others, it’s mobile and already traveled through the Spain, Netherlands and for the United Kingdom.
The printer manufactured by the Dutch company byFlow creates dishes sweet and savory like: hummus, Pizza, pear puree, goat cheese and chocolate mousse. The dishes use fresh ingredients and some are prepared with molecular gastronomy techniques. In addition, the machine processes foods only in pasty form. The folder can be placed on the extruder device to create edible sculptures.
The-innovative-kitchen-3d-the-food-rush-fish-and-potatoes-ickfdSource: The Food Rush
Objects like chairs, lamps, and utensils were also created using the technology. And yet, to increase the technological experience From customers the restaurant has virtual reality glasses and ambient music composed of a computer.
The-innovative-kitchen-3d-the-caterer-blog-food-ink-ickfdSource: The Caterer Blog
The creators proposal, all architects, designers and engineers, is to feed the discussion the importance of new technologies changing our eating habits and cultural. And what will the future of food, nutrition and Cheers.
THE idea of Food Ink is the beginning of a future unpredictable for the modern cuisinehowever, the dinner with all this apparatus can cost £ 250 per person, which makes this experience a little salty for the customer.
The-innovative-kitchen-3d-time-out-waiter-dishes-food-ink-ickfdSource: Time Out

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