The Kettle – Tea with sympathy

The Kettle - Tea with sympathy

Tea with sympathy. The slogan of The Kettle, a tea house with decor inspired by Art Nouveau, imposed itself as soon as I entered the spacious and cozy room. The almost 14 tables – most of them square – of dark wood, along with chairs padded in floral fabrics are arranged in harmony in the environment. The waiter met us all smiles and indicated a table next to the wall, next to a bookshelf decorated with books on teas, desserts and art. Passion for the place at first sight.
At first, everything at The Kettle won me over: the light colors, the soft atmosphere, the chandelier full of teapots and white cups hanging… A cutie! “It looks like Beauty and the Beast, right? Ma,” Gabi, my sister, said. It seems. Incidentally, the teahouse suggests countless references – ok, you may find it a little silly, but ah! -. The pecan pie that Gabi ordered, for example, is very similar to the one that Sookie eats in an episode of True Blood (hahah said the addict in the series). And I don’t know, the whole place looks like a big, nice grandma’s house.
kettle 3
Soon the other friends arrived and we ordered (Sweets, sweets, sweets, please!). I went to taste the famous poppy seed pie, but I missed the trip. “We don’t have it today,” said the attendant. Okay, we will have the red fruit cheesecake, apple tartelette, pecan pie and Muckkuchen cake. To drink, there is nothing fairer than a beautiful teapot. But there are so many options that it was difficult to decide.
The Kettle works with an exclusive German tea brand, TeaGschwendner – there are more than 130 stores spread across four continents, with more than 300 varieties in each! -, and offers black, green, fruit and specialty teas, such as Ayurvedic, Indian and Chinese.
We chose Luigi Amaretto, composed of pieces of apple, raisins, rooibos, rose hips and almonds. Unfortunately, it was not available. We stayed with Paraíso de Frutas, a sour tea with strawberry and apricot flavor. It includes hibiscus flowers, pieces of apple, rosehip, juniper, orange peel and strawberries. A delight.
kettle 2
There is no need to complain about the service. The waiter placed different cutlery for each sweet; a larger fork for the chocolate and hazelnut cake with cloves and cinnamon, the Muckkuchen; a spoon for pecan pie with ice cream; small fork and knife for my tartellete and a medium fork for the red fruit cheesecake.
I found this detail super attentive and delicate. Well, for dessert, then! Everything was delicious and capriciously prepared, but I missed more sugar in all that I tried. The taste of each sweet was smooth and you could easily distinguish the ingredients, so maybe this choice of not sweetening too much is for this purpose. And you can’t forget that it is a tea house, and the English are not very fond of sugary foods.
kettle 1
There is something I found interesting. The Kettle has two types of Tea of ​​the Five available, Diana and Kate, and each comes with a variety of foods and a teapot. And when you’re leaving, don’t forget to buy a pack of TeaGschwendner! Prices range from R $ 35 to R $ 60 and a few reais. Speaking of prices: The Kettle is kind of expensive and maybe dessert is not the strong point there, but the visit is well worth it for a delicious cup of tea in pleasant company and in a more than cozy place.
One more diquinha! Don’t hesitate and buy a packet of round cookies with peanuts. They are de-li-ci-o-sos and have a … host? “It is a host, yes,” said the attendant. HM, OK. Witty, will you say.
The Kettle – Tea with sympathy
Al Prudente de Morais, 836
Monday to Saturday, from 2 pm to 9 pm
Phone: (41) 3233-1978

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