The kitchen brigade

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People who like to cook (and of course, eat), always end up having some preferences, don’t they? Here, desserts are our strong point, but in gastronomy, this is a specialty area among many others. The Gastronomic Brigade is the system that divides functions within a large kitchen.
Until the second half of the 19th century, gastronomic restaurants (mainly in large European hotels) faced problems regarding the dynamics in the kitchen as there were many people doing everything. That was when the Chef Auguste Escoffier, entitled “The Emperor of the World’s Kitchens” created the Gastronomic Brigade system to simplify its operation and specialize cooking techniques in various areas (which are not limited to salty or sweet cuisine). Due to the initiative and efforts of many professionals, including the brilliant Escoffier, French cuisine has grown and is an honorable reference for gastronomy around the world.
brigade in the kitchen antonio nogueira ickfdphoto: Daily Painters
See a little of each area of ​​the Gastronomic Brigade:
Executive Chef: Supervises and manages the entire team, is responsible for the entire operation of the establishment, also develops dishes, also called Chef de Cuisine
Sous Chef: Second in command, replaces Chef in his absence.
Aboyeur: Receives commands and distributes between the areas (squares) of each chef.
Saucier: Responsible for broths and sauces and soups.
Poissonnier: Responsible for all preparation of fish, seafood.
Boucher: Takes care of the butcher shop, pre-preparation, storage and conservation of red meat and poultry.
Rôtisseur: Makes the preparations Roasted and grilled.
Légumier / Entremetier: Prepares the garnishes of vegetables and carbohydrates such as rice, beans, pasta, as well as hot snacks.
Tournant: Skillful and versatile, take over any area that needs assistance.
Garde Manger: Produces cold preparations such as salads, preserves, pates, cold starters.
Pâtissier: Our beloved dessert area. It can be derived in Confiseur (confectionery), Boulanger (bread making) and Glacier (cold or frozen desserts). He is the one who works for a sweeter life.
One of the most important aspects of the brigade is that it enhances the skills of each Chef. For example: a Chef Poissonnier does not need to know how to make puff pastry, he will dedicate himself more to the study of the anatomy and biochemistry of fish, while a Chef Pâtissier does not need to know how to bone a turkey, he will dedicate himself to perfect his skills and improve his techniques with the sugar and flour. It is each Chef in his square!
A brief explanation of terms that often confuse people:
Pâtisserie: It is an area of ​​expertise within gastronomy (in which the ICKFD operates);
Pâtissier: He is the professional in the Pâtisserie area (Example: Danielle Noce);
Pâtissière: It is prepared by Chef Pâtissier (Like Crème Pâtissière).

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