the luxury and charm of Buenos Aires in a single neighborhood

the luxury and charm of Buenos Aires in a single neighborhood

While Palermo is one of the most relaxed neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Recoleta is one of the most luxurious and noble. The streets are beautiful, mainly because of the buildings with ancient architecture. The area encompasses several tourist attractions and is a great option for accommodation. Nothing better than a location with several facilities, right?
This region is perfect for walking through the streets without worrying about where you are going, because everything there is very pleasant. Along the way you can be sure that you will find super interesting and inviting shops and restaurants. I have separated some of the most attractive things to do in this part of the city ?


the luxury and charm of Buenos Aires in a single neighborhood

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The Recoleta neighborhood is known mainly because of the numerous stores, mainly for clothes. The place is a dream for those who are well connected in fashion, I swear! In addition to several local brands, you will find designer stores known all over the world. The mall Patio Bullrich, for example, brings together several famous brands, such as Carolina Herrera, Tiffany & Co and Diesel.
If you prefer to bet on local brands, Tramando, Juan Hernandez Daels, Roma Renom and Perez Sanz are wonderful. They are super trendy and with amazing clothes and accessories. Of course, in addition to these, there are many others, but this you discover walking the streets! Regarding decoration, Morph and Landmark are two of the best stores there. Landmark is more sophisticated than Morph, but both have several items to make your home look cute.
Ah, it is important to know that the busiest avenue in the region is Alvear: it contains luxury brands, alternative brands, the Pereda Palace and several other legal old buildings. It is a good walk for those who like to shop!

Restaurants and Cafes

the luxury and charm of Buenos Aires in a single neighborhood

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All the charm of Recoleta is also present in its restaurants and cafés. The region has several cool places to eat, including world-famous cafes, such as Le Pain Quotidien. Two very interesting cafes there are Smeterling and Tea Connection. The proposal of the two is quite different: while the first focuses on sweets in general, the second seeks a healthier and more natural diet.
As for the restaurants, Oviedo and La Bourgogne are incredible. In addition to them, you will find several very typical places in Buenos Aires, so a good choice is to explore the region and find something that can please your taste and that fits in your pocket!
The two places I am going to talk about now are not necessarily restaurants, but they sell delicious things. The first of these is the Tealosophy, a paradise for tea lovers. I mentioned this place in the Palermo post, because they also have a branch there. The second place is Vasalissa Chocolatier. They specialize in handmade chocolates, but there you can also order ice cream, cookies and macarons. I even had my mouth watering looking at the store’s menu.


the luxury and charm of Buenos Aires in a single neighborhood

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The shops are one of the main attractions of Recoleta, but they are not the only ones. The neighborhood goes beyond a shopping center, with several interesting cultural options. The first is the Centro Cultural Recoleta. There you will find very varied art exhibitions.
Another museum that must be visited is the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, which has the largest art collection in the country. Anyone who goes to Buenos Aires with children can take the little ones to the Museo Participativo de Ciencias. The place is completely interactive and their motto is “forbidden not to touch”. There’s nothing more fun for children, even more curious ones, right?

the luxury and charm of Buenos Aires in a single neighborhood

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One of the symbols of Buenos Aires, Floralis Generica is a very busy tourist spot and great for a quick visit. The flower-shaped monument is approximately 20 meters high and is located in Naciones Unidas square.
Last but not least, El Ateneo. It could be in the store category, as it is a bookstore, but it is so special that it deserves to be here. The place that hosts the bookstore was once a theater, and its entire structure was maintained. El Ateneo is a mandatory stop, even for those who don’t like books, since you can enjoy all the construction of the environment. Those who like to read can already take the opportunity to look for some cool book and get lost amid so many bookshelves ?
Those were some of the most amazing things I found in the Recoleta neighborhood. Soon we will embark for Buenos Aires and we will definitely stop by at least some of these places. Tell me if you would add anything else to the list ?

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