the missing pieces in your decor

the missing pieces in your decor

It is not new that hooks and hangers are successful in decoration, because in addition to working as adornments on the walls, these are extremely functional pieces in everyday life. An entrance hall, a corner of the bedroom, a space for the kitchen, the bathroom … No matter the environment of the house, it is always good to have a little place to store your pieces and accessories, right?

the missing pieces in your decor

Photo: Cox & Cox

If you are not a very organized person, I can tell you that the hooks will be great allies. This is because those accessories that you lose or leave in any corner, such as keys and jewelry, will have a guaranteed space.
In addition to the more classic models that most people already know, I decided to talk about some pieces that are great for enhancing the decor ?


Simple, functional and cute. I’m the type of person who loves polka dots – it’s no wonder that poá is one of my favorite prints in life. If you are also one of those, know that there are a multitude of possibilities round! When nothing hangs, these hooks decorate the wall by themselves. Choose models of different sizes and colors to make the decor more fun and modern.


the missing pieces in your decor

Photos: Bolig Magasinet and Interiors Design

The more delicate ceramic models, for example, are better for accommodating lighter pieces. It wouldn’t indicate much for halls and closets because he may not be able to handle the weight of that big bag or a coat. I believe that the kitchen and bathroom are great rooms to bet on the piece!


If you are one of those who keeps forgetting the umbrella, the coat or even the bag, I think the coat hangers near the front door are excellent allies. There you can leave those pieces and accessories wild and avoid certain mischiefs on a daily basis. If you live in a colder region, this piece also works very well to accommodate coats, right?


Unusual details always catch my attention, whether talking about fashion or decoration. The most fun hangers, hooks and supports are super-charming and give that touch of personality to the environment. The pieces can be small and delicate, but I’m sure whoever finds them will find it funny.
I believe that these thinner models are perfect for hanging keys and jewelry since they are smaller pieces.


Thankfully, there are currently plenty of options for all styles, right? I hope you like the suggestions as much as I do ?
the missing pieces in your decor
1- Mirror with Hook from Umbra at Americanas – R $ 78.75
2- Set Buddy Dolls Black Buddy in Americanas – R $ 72.50
3- Pineapple Metal Hook at Casa que Tem – R $ 45.00
4- Wall hanger 8 Hooks POGO from Umbra at Americanas – R $ 114.45
5- Umbra Decorative Hook (6 pieces) at Etna – R $ 149.90
6- Star Hook of Entreaberta in Elo7 – R $ 49.90
7- Industrial Hook in the Decoration of the Warehouse House – R $ 79.00
8- Serious Hook on Collector 55 – R $ 35.00
9- Wall Hook 6 Umbra Switch Hooks at Americanas – R $ 156.45
10- Umbra Natural Hooks 5 Hooks in Americanas – R $ 135.45

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