the most amazing store in Iceland

the most amazing store in Iceland

From the first time I went to Iceland, I was enchanted by the Geysir, in the center of Reykjavik. The brand makes the most beautiful ponchos I have ever seen. The fabrics and prints are amazing, it’s hard not to want to take everything home!

geysir-the-most-incredible-clothes-shop-of-iceland-danielle-noce-1 Foto – Look 1 / Foto – Look 2

A sonçthose of the brand are made in the country and mix fabrics and threads of local origin with quality materials from many other places in the world. Sheep wool, used in almost all models, makes all the differenceçfor no end result!

What impresses me most is the quality of each poncho, blouse, scarf… Usually, the piecesçthe warmest ones don’t have such an incredible design, right?


Picture – Disclosesçto

Another strong point of Geysir is the visual identity, all right in the Nordic style. However, they manage to mix traditionalção (of fabrics, for example) and modernity (prints and striking colors).

geysir-the-most-incredible-clothes-shop-of-iceland-danielle-noce-3 Photo – Disclosesçto

Anyone who likes graphic prints will definitely freak out at this store. I confess that the priceçthe is not low, but any peçthe one here is timeless and will last a lifetime!

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