The most beautiful Christmas cookies

The most beautiful Christmas cookies

If there’s one thing I love, it’s Christmas cookies. It all starts with the color of the burnt sugar, which makes the aromas of spices intensify, and the way it melts in the mouth – the feeling is that at that time everything has a more beautiful meaning and life is good. Then comes the decoration. In an instant, I am a child again and imagine myself living in a rustic little house, full of Christmas lights and filled with panettone, dried fruit and cookies dipped in royal icing. Oh, and there are so many formats! From the classic gingerbread doll to the most innovative. I have separated some here for you to be inspired and, in this time when joy and companionship are in the air (yes, I am one of those romantics), making lots and lots of love. Because I see no other word but this one to define Christmas cookies.
Christmas cookiephoto: Llama’s Valley
You can make them all from ICKFD recipes, such as Ginger, Cinnamon, or Freeze Biscuit.
Let’s start with the easy ones. The biggest difficulty here will be the steady hand when it comes to decorating ?

christmas cookie8Colorful Days

christmas cookie2Delicious Cloudschristmas cookie6Bgh

Now it starts to get a little more serious …

Christmas cookie1Cooked Headschristmas cookie3sweetambs

In these here you can cut two cookies and invent the shape for the top one, which will be the ‘lid’. Then you can stuff it with some harder jam, but my tip is to melt the guava, put it between the two, close it and wait for it to cool. Every bite will be a dream come true, believe cookie5Happy day out

In this tree, there is no secret. Just cut the cookies of the same shape, but smaller and smaller, until you reach the top. To make the snow, just prepare a meringue and add the cookies.

christmas cookie7Mariane Dekkers

Now the level is hard. Challenge!

christmas cookie4toni kami

To make these beautiful ones with stained glass effect, just cut the cookies in the shape and put some hard and transparent candy, like a “Halls”, inside their space. At 180 °, the bullet will melt and crystallize in the shape you want!christmas cookie9Stagetecture

And now the grand finale, the work of art for Christmas cookies. Sweetopia always surprises, but this time, it surpassed itself. Look that! She teaches step-by-step here.


So, what are your favorites? I love to bake cookies, put in a bundle of tulle and finish off with a pretty satin ribbon for loved ones ?

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