the most beautiful vats you’ve ever seen!

the most beautiful vats you've ever seen!

I can’t deny my passion for cooking. I believe that most people also have a very special affection for this corner of the house, after all, it is in this room where we spend good hours of our day and live family moments, right?
Of course, everyone has their style preferences, but I see that this trend is dominating all my kitchen references on Pinterest and I think a lot of people will also fall in love. I’m talking about half-bowl vats!

Photo – My Domaine

At CASACOR SP 2017 this was one of the pieces that appeared most in kitchens and bathrooms; and of course I noticed that a lot! The big model jumps off the counter and the white china versions are definitely my favorites ?

Photo – Patricia Pasquini’s kitchen at CASACOR SP 2017 (@patriciapasquinidesigner)

Outside the country, the play received the name of farm sinks the use agricultural sinks, in a free translation the expression would be “farm sink”. I think this appellation is great, because who doesn’t imagine this big piece on a farm? I can’t wait to see it myself!
The cool thing is that this model, although striking, combines with the most varied styles of decor. Scandinavian decor, more minimalist, has everything to do with this piece.

Photos – Hello! Nerport Beach and Liz Marie Blog

Another style that looks amazing with the white half-sink is retro with a Provencal touch. The cupboards with cupboards, cupped handles, pastel tones … All of this looks amazing together and creates a very cozy atmosphere in the environment!

Photos – Witney Relics, Froken Knopp and ATG Stores

Did you think that the piece only looked good in delicate spaces? Nothing like that! The sink is also wonderful in industrial and dark spaces:


French fantasy, despise inspire and bread and olives

The good news is that here in Brazil it is getting easier to find the piece, see? At Deca, Kohler and Roca you will find several beautiful models in different sizes and even stainless steel versions ?

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