the most charming furniture you respect

the most charming furniture you respect

There is nothing better than lying on the couch after a tiring day … Oops, not always! Chaises are super cozy and comfortable furniture that can be a strong competitor for the sofa. In addition to completing the decoration of the room, they can integrate the sofa itself or gain a special corner of the house.

Photo – Stylizimo Blog

You may never have heard of this piece, but it can be the replacement for those two of your armchairs that always sit sideways in the room, you know? As they are longer and wider furniture, chaises are even more comfortable alterations!
For those who liked the idea, it’s time to get inspired by the different models and ways to use it ?

A corner of your own


Photos – Blanco interiors, Dwell Beautiful and My Domaine

That reading corner or empty space at the entrance to the house can be much more charming and cozy with the chaise. It will be the highlight of this environment and for that reason you can play a lot with textures, colors and, of course, prints!

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