The most interesting neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, Israel

The most interesting neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, Israel

Paulo and I loved our trip to Israel and were delighted with all the places we went. One of them, which was one of our favorites, is the city of Tel Aviv, which is very close to Jerusalem. The place, despite having its historic part preserved, is frequented by a younger crowd and has very relaxed neighborhoods.
One of the coolest things there is that each neighborhood has its own identity, which makes them unique and special. In addition, they suit all tastes, because you can find everything from beaches to art galleries and older buildings. As there are many places to visit, I selected the coolest ones for you ?

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The most interesting neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, Israel

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This was one of the neighborhoods we liked most, simply because it is very beautiful. Things there are a little expensive, but it is full of beautiful shops and the streets themselves are cute. One of the most interesting boutiques in the region is Numero13, which sells clothes and also home and stationery items. Both the store and the products are amazing!
Most of the houses’ windows are decorated with colorful flowers, which make everything even more charming. If you want to calmly enjoy the climate of the region, I recommend you spend some time in the afternoon on the outdoor bench at the Dallal Bakery eating some delicious sweets and having a coffee.


The most interesting neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, Israel

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Jaffa is the oldest region in Tel Aviv and is surrounded by wonderful attractions. As there are many places to visit there, mainly historic, take the time to get to know the area without haste. Also known as Old Jaffa, the streets in that part of the city are amazing, I swear! For you to have an idea, this is where the oldest port in the world is – and it still works.
The visit to the port is a must and the landscape is even more beautiful in the late afternoon, when the sun is setting. Also be sure to go to the Flea Market, so you know more about how the city’s trade works. In it you find a little of everything. Those who enjoy contemporary art can stop by the Jaffa Art Salon – the atmosphere is very rustic and has the sole purpose of promoting Palestinian art.


The most interesting neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, Israel

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Ajami is part of Jaffa, but it is considered a separate neighborhood for being much more modern and being on the side of the beach. The main attraction of this part of the city is precisely Ajami beach, bathed by the Mediterranean sea. Ajami’s boardwalks are perfect for those who like to walk beside the sea, listening to the pleasant sound of the waves while walking quietly. If you want to spend the afternoon there, Hamidron Park is great for spending time!
One of the best known restaurants in the area is Cassis. It has a very clean and minimalist decor, in addition to having a wonderful view of the beach. Enjoy being there and walk the streets without having a fixed final destination, both in Ajami and Jaffa. The streets are quiet and super charming.


The most interesting neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, Israel

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Floretin is one of the most trendy neighborhoods in Tel Aviv and very hipster, you know? The cafes and shops in this region are more alternative and most of the regulars in this area of ​​the city are young. The region is full of life, both because of live music and the graffiti that color the walls.
To eat a delicious meal, I recommend you go to Ouzeria or Dalida. These places do not have a specifically vegetarian menu, but there are dishes that do not contain any meat. In the first case, for example, you can order a vegan mushroom risotto and, in the second restaurant, roasted beets accompanied with creamed spinach and pesto sauce. It made my mouth water reading the menus!

Kerem HaTeimanim

The most interesting neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, Israel

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This part of the city, also known as Yemeni Quarter, it is not so well known by tourists. The streets in the region, as in other places in Tel Aviv, are very flowery. One of the differentials of this neighborhood is Yemeni cuisine, which has as one of its main characteristics a spicy sauce seasoned with spices and a meat soup.
This area of ​​Tel Aviv was built by immigrants from Yemen, so you will notice certain differences, such as the quieter streets and almost no modern construction. Overall, the place is perfect for those who want to see very old houses and streets, which even look like a scenic village.

Tzafon Yashan

The most interesting neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, Israel

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Another neighborhood that is very close to the sea! In this part of the city, one of the most incredible places to visit is Independence and HaYarkon – the latter is a little further away. The region is also called Old North and is a little more modern than the rest of the city. As it is close to two great parks and also next to the beach, I recommend that you take the day to enjoy the area enjoying the most of nature!
Tel Aviv is full of surprises and these are just some of the countless incredible neighborhoods in the city. If you know any other region that has shops, restaurants and / or unmissable landscapes, be sure to share it here in the comments! Ah, also don’t forget to see our vlog over there ?

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