The most interesting sights of Moscow

The most interesting sights of Moscow

Anyone who follows our travel vlogs knows that Paulo and I are not so attached to the sights of the cities we visit, but in some cases it is simply inevitable not to stop to see the main attractions of the region. In Moscow, for example, most of the sights have some historical importance and also incredible architecture, that is, they are places that are worth at least one visit.
The city is well developed and modern, but still preserves several old buildings that give it an extra charm. The churches and museums are charming, even for those who do not enjoy this type of tour. I’ll give you some tips on which places to visit – if you plan to travel there soon, write down everything I tell you now!

St. Basil’s Cathedral

The most interesting sights of Moscow

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Few churches in the world are as beautiful as St. Basil’s Cathedral. It is one of the most famous spots in Russia and has an unforgettable architecture. In addition to the incredible shapes that somewhat resemble Byzantine architecture, the colors of the building are super cheerful and contrasting. The interior of the church is also extremely rich in details. The place is so full of information that every corner you look at has a different element.

Tretyakov Gallery

The most interesting sights of Moscow

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The Tretyakov Gallery houses the largest collection of Russian art in the world! This place cannot be left out of the script of people who enjoy art and museums. Paulo and I love to meet local artists and this gallery values ​​Russian artists as much as they can. It was founded in 1856 and since then it has never stopped receiving works and updating its collection. Among the artists with works exhibited there are Surikov, Kramskoy and also Repin.

Bunker 42

The most interesting sights of Moscow

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As in Berlin, Moscow transformed a bunker built during the Cold War into a museum. This air-raid shelter is 65 meters from the surface, even below the subway level. The place is kind of dark and it is strange to think that we are so far below the earth, but it is interesting to know a space as historic as this.
Along the tour you will pass through flight control centers, secret passages, you will see weapons and numerous tunnels. There are different tour options, some of which give access to more parts than others, so choose the type of your preference. As there is no tour in Portuguese, the best option for tourists is the tour in English.

Red Square

The most interesting sights of Moscow

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This is one of the most important areas in Moscow, as it is home to several of the most visited attractions by tourists, such as Lenin’s mausoleum. The St. Basil’s Cathedral is also right next to the construction of the red square, being one of the most popular spots there.
Next to the square is located the Kremlin, which was an old military fortress and currently the seat of the Russian government. Take a day to get to know the whole area, because there are several historic buildings and each one has a different characteristic. If you’re lucky, you’ll also find a festival going on in the square!

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The most interesting sights of Moscow

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Near the Kremlin you will find another wonderful architectural construction: the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Her exterior is not as rich in detail or as colorful as St. Basil’s Cathedral, but it is still an incredible place. Ah, admission is free!
The cathedral was first built in 1812. However, in 1931, Stalin had the space demolished to build a monument in honor of Lenin. The project did not go ahead and after the end of the Soviet Union they began to rebuild the building.

Novodevichy Convent

The most interesting sights of Moscow

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This is one of the most enjoyable trips to Moscow, especially if you like parks and outdoor activities. The Novodevichy Convent or Monastery is a little further from the center, but it deserves at least one visit. In addition to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Smolensk, the cemetery behind the museum also attracts several tourists because there are buried some Russian personalities, such as the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky and the former Russian president Boris Yeltsin.
The interior of the cathedral has several beautiful frescoes and it is super worth spending some time inside to appreciate the paintings. In the cemetery there are also some very old sculptures in honor of the people who are buried there, so you will see from tanks of war to sculptures of human figures.

Gorky Park

The most interesting sights of Moscow

Photo: Interacticity

This is one of the main parks in Moscow, with approximately 120 hectares – yes, it is really huge! The space is perfect for spending the afternoon, whether practicing an activity or having a picnic. The place is frequented by tourists as well as residents, so it is very busy.
The park is full of fountains, sculptures, ping pong tables and volleyball courts. You can also rent bicycles or skates and walk around the park. It is a different tour from the circuit of museums and old buildings, but it is always good to take a variety, right?
As you have seen, one of the main attractions of Moscow is architecture. The city is beautiful and full of super charming corners! I’m really looking forward to seeing some of these places and telling you about our experience ?

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