the most modern part of Buenos Aires

the most modern part of Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero spent years abandoned until it was completely revitalized, gaining contemporary characteristics. For this reason, today the region is considered one of the most modern in Buenos Aires. In addition, it is an upscale neighborhood full of restaurants. As it is a very touristic place, mainly because of the gastronomy, things there are more expensive, so, be prepared to spend a little more there, ok?
The place is super tasty for those who like to walk without a certain destination, observe the movement and stop at some cafe to relax a little. The region does not have as many stores as Palermo, but it is still interesting to visit. I’ll tell you some of the coolest things for you to do in the area ?

Restaurants and Cafes

the most modern part of Buenos Aires

Photo: BiK

Several famous Buenos Aires restaurants are located in Puerto Madero. Many of them, in addition to delicious food, also provide a view of the port and the La Plata River. The view by day is beautiful, but during sunset and night it is even more amazing!
Some of the best known restaurants there are Estilo Campo, Bahia Madero and La Parolaccia. They are very busy, see? Among these three that I mentioned, only Bahia Madero does not offer any vegetarian dishes on the main menu, but asking for adaptations to the dish is always a good thing.
Now, two very different and alternative places for you to visit: the Lucciano’s and Ol’Days. This first is an ice cream shop with numerous flavor options and a very relaxed and modern environment. Ol’days is perfect for coffee or brunch. The place is cute and even has a few outdoor tables.

Boat ride

the most modern part of Buenos Aires

Photo: Brazilians in Argentina

If you like boat trips and want to visit Buenos Aires from a different angle, park tours are great options. The La Plata River offers a charming view of the city, especially at dusk. One of the boats that leaves Puerto Madero for this tour is Humberto M.
The navigation is very smooth and you can eat something of your choice while enjoying the incredible scenery around you. It is a very pleasant and different type of walk than just walking the streets of Buenos Aires! Ah, if you want to know more about this vessel just take a look at their website ?

Tourist attractions

the most modern part of Buenos Aires

Photo: Bsas4u

One of the coolest tours in Puerto Madero is the Ecological Reserve of Buenos Aires. I, for example, love to run and do other outdoor activities, and there is a great place for that. This region has the largest green area in the city and also offers some tracks for those who want to ride a bike. The park is located on the coast of the River La Plata! Needless to say, the view is wonderful, right?
Another very famous place there and one of the city’s postcards is Puente de la Mujer. I confess that there is not much to do in it, but it is interesting to watch it as you walk along the boardwalk in Puerto Madero. The bridge, however, is beautiful and yields several incredible photos.
Also close to this attraction you can visit the Sarmiento Frigate. It is a very old vessel that is anchored in Dike 3. There you will find a museum with various nautical articles. In addition, you can explore the vessel and discover its interior. It’s a good ride for those who enjoy this kind of thing ?
Puerto Madero is perfect for those who want to enjoy a peaceful day walking the streets of Buenos Aires. As I love this type of tour that involves long walks and beautiful scenery, I am suspicious to speak. I think that for those who are not staying here, Puerto Madero is a good destination for the end of the trip when we are most tired. There’s nothing better than ending your stay in the city by walking down charming streets and eating well, right?

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