The Mustache in the Kitchen – New ICKFD series

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Danielle Noce, graduated in confectionery by the renowned École Lenôtre, launches the new series of I Could Kill For Dessert, The Mustache in the Kitchen.
In this new format, Dani will teach her husband and consequently the public, the basic recipes of traditional French confectionery, from the essential crème pâtissière to a good and true croissant.
creme au chocolat 1
Dani will not hide anything from the public and in a fun way will tell even the most intimate recipe secrets. Bigode na Cozinha will air weekly starting in January 2013.
the mustache in the kitchen 1At the same time, Dani is already recording the new season of the main series of I Could Kill For Dessert, where she will show, in 20 programs, all her favorite places in Paris, with exclusive interviews with the greatest Chefs of the city and also places hipsters, who only know who lives there.
the mustache in the kitchen 4At the end of the program, Dani will teach a delicious recipe inspired by her day! The new ICKFD season will air in April.
the mustache in the kitchen 3In addition to the new series, stay tuned on the ICKFD YouTube channel, as surprise programs will be launched at any time!
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