The Netflix series about the real background of the cameras

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Have you watched the series Hollywood? No? No problem! The idea of ​​this text is that we can instigate you to watch or simply give you some information in addition to the series. Rest assured that we will not give spoilers on here.

Well, just by the name it’s already pretty obvious what the series is about, right? It’s about life, production and relationships between actors, directors and screenwriters in the city of dreams for those who want to live from the seventh art. Yes, the series portrays Los Angeles, but a 1940s version.

The Netflix series about the real background of the cameras

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What happens, which is already delivered in the synopsis, is that the series brings MANY elements, real names and personalities in the story. That famous “based on real facts”, you know? And, at the same time, it traces new perspectives and futures for the characters when we talk about real facts related to racism, machismo and homophobia. It is a production about cinematographic productions that want to produce new paths for fictional characters, bringing new “the end”For the real stories, got it? ?


The 2020 series is a creation of the legendary Ryan Murphy, with Ian Brennan, also responsible for american horror story, a part of Pose and Joy (this may even have reached more teenagers, but it was very successful, right?). Not to mention other great productions.

Hollywood: the Netflix series about the real background of cameras

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In Hollywood Ryan’s mark is very well placed when he traces a totally provocative and horrifying narrative, almost frightening about the real, and at the same time hopeful. The softest tone without a lot of blood flowing is co-creator Ian Brennan. This without forgetting to mention the wonderful cast and positive points for all areas of production of the miniseries. Makeup, costumes, photography… Everything is impeccable!


There are many characters that really existed in real life and that they even have the same name and appearance. Others are based on or inspired by one or more personalities. The character Jack Castello is inspired by Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift and James Dean, for example. THE Henry Wilson, played by Jim Parsons – yes, Sheldon’s Bing Bang Theory – existed with exactly the same name and very similar appearance.

The Netflix series about the real background of the cameras

Photo: Netflix

Not to mention several events in the series that happened in much the same way in real life: the facts at the gas station, the actors who did not assume their sexuality for a long time and reflections of the entire racist structure present at the time – and which, unfortunately, lasts until today.


That’s the big point of the series. What is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about watching a series about Hollywood? That’s right, we think we will understand how the tests, the studios, the recording routines and the whole life work glamorous of the artists. The fact is that the series of the account has enough fun to take us to the seventh and last episode in a very fluid way, but it doesn’t just talk about fun.

The Netflix series about the real background of the cameras

Photo: Netflix

While people dream of being “movie stars”, reality shows us that not everything is so glamorous. Less than 2% of Oscar statuettes were given to black people. That’s right, of the 3,140 only 44 were delivered to a black person. A black woman in a film won an Oscar only in 2002. For a black director or director? Never.

The series proposes to demystify this fantasy caused by the Hollywood spotlight and write the story, which besides debating and teaching on various topics, in a slightly more hopeful way and – miniSpoiler – worthy of many tears.


You’ve watched Hollywood and you know any more interesting information? Leave it here in the comments. 

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