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May is my favorite month. Was always. I’m a Gemini and it’s my birthday month. Here in the United States I added one more reason to like this month so much: it’s spring. The month when the temperatures get hot, you can go out in the street, the trees are full of flowers and the sunrise is very early, the day gets dark beyond 8:00 at night.
This year my 34 years were celebrated in a very special way and I need to talk about … the words are on the tip of the tongue, wanting to organize and become text. Or chronic, but certainly with an air of poetry.
the palm curt5
Do you remember the post about Restaurante Balthazar, here in Soho? That day I celebrated the birthday of a very dear friend with a delicious breakfast and since then, it became a tradition: this time it was this same friend who presented me with one of the most delicious experiences of my life, as she made reservations for the breakfast at The Palm Court, a luxurious and classic restaurant within The Plaza, one of Manhattan’s oldest and most charming hotels (1907).
the palm curt1
How big was my surprise when I heard that we were going to this Hotel… to tell you the truth, I had never even thought of entering the Lobby of this place, let alone spend a morning there! Famous for five o’clock tea and for being the setting for films such as They forgot me, Women’s perfume (Al Pacino), Driving in the dark (Woody Allen), Love tuning (Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks) and the most recent of them, The Great Gatsby (Leonardo di Caprio) ah! And also for series like Sex and the City, Sopranos, Gossip girl and Friends, the place is an icon of Manhattan and Patricia could not have been more correct in her choice. (Thanks dear)
the palm curt4
Our reservation was scheduled for 8:00 am but we sat down without a problem just before the scheduled time. In addition to being sumptuous, the silverware on the table and the small cubes of refined sugar (white and brown) already denounced how exclusive the service would be.
They have an a la carte menu but I believe the best choice is the full buffet. A beautiful, centralized island, sums up almost all the options available and another buffet cart, right next door, offers pastries and croissants.
I opted for scrambled eggs, with turkey breast, herb paste, cheese and French bread. Ah! And of course, bacon. Because it was my birthday and, let’s face it, a delight… .rs.
Everything was PERFECT!
the palm curt3
Then, we decided to order the Belgian Waffle from the menu because there is no full breakfast here in the USA without waffle. This one came with strawberry jam, fresh berries, whipped cream and Maple syrup. Detail: the care speaks a lot, for example, the Maple syrup came warm, perfectly heated to contrast with the frozen fruits. Oh my ………
Well, the healthy part of my breakfast was due to the fruits. And they were ALL SWEETS !! How can you? I came home talking to my husband about it. Do they inject sugar ?? Magina, I’m kidding… .the truth is that from watermelon to pineapple, from strawberry to melon, they were all very tasty.
the palm curt2
After this perfect breakfast, we went through the lobby to meet and be dazzled by so much beauty. And so my birthday Thursday started. If you want to know more about The Palm Court or make reservations, stop by the website
I heard that Sunday brunch and five o’clock tea served every day are delightfully unforgettable. I ended my day with a walk through Manhattan, bathed in the fine, delicious rain that came to wash my soul and prepare for the new year. Nothing could have made my day more perfect than that.
See you soon !!

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