The pearl of Avanhandava – São Paulo

The pearl of Avanhandava - São Paulo

For those who don’t know, I live on Rua Avanhandava, that is, the street of Mr. Mancini’s restaurants. On the one hand it gets to be a nuisance when, for example, I’m coming from somewhere and just want to park my car and go home, while the valets at Mancini restaurants decide that the street is their property and let their customers stop on both sides of the street, making it impossible for other cars to pass, which ends up forming a certain traffic. But anyway, what is São Paulo if not its traffic, right? On the other hand, it is very good to live on the street, because whenever I don’t have time to cook or with a certain laziness (which also affects me sometimes) and I need to eat something, I can always choose one of the restaurants on the street .

However, I had already been to Famiglia Mancini several times, I think Walter Mancini’s busiest restaurant, and every time I went, I left there with some complaint: either it was apricot jam, which just smells to me apricot and the rest is pumpkin; or it was the dough of the profiteroles that came spoiled and the flaked almonds that had already been ironed and softened; or even a dish extremely soaked in oil (in a bad way, of course). So, right when Madrepérola opened I was a little hesitant to go eat there. But on a busy day of filming we ended up going down the street, looking for something quick to eat and sat at the tables outside, as it was a super nice spring day. And everybody asked for PF do Mar, which is nothing more than baked cod with potatoes, peppers, onions, tomatoes and olives, accompanied by a very loose white rice, and by the way, everything came from the kitchen of the across the street and very well done and tasty. Obviously, I ended up becoming a loyal customer, but in order not to get too fat, I intercalate the cod with a chicken quiche with a salad, but I’ll be honest: it’s a very fickle dish, sometimes it comes very, very well done and tasty, and sometimes the quiche comes a little dry.
Now let’s talk about what really interests us, the desserts. ? I think it’s really cool that at Madrepérola they have one of those showcases where the desserts are rotating. I always found these showcases curious, but many times they end up being misused and get a little breezy. But in Madrepérola’s space this showcase fell like a glove in the decoration (which is a separate chapter and a subject for another post), and the cups with the desserts are there to rotate for you to choose! Cool. This cup you are seeing in the photo is a trio of white, milk and bitter chocolate mousses; I’m not a big fan of this one, because I think it’s very sweet. But for those days when you could kill for chocolate, it is perfect. My favorite is the cup with tiramissu, very well done, on point and with ideal texture. It is worth checking!!
Madrepérola is located at Rua Avanhandava, 30.
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