The perfect cake guide

The perfect cake guide

The perfect cake guide
Cake should be the first recipe that someone learns when they start cooking sweets. Perhaps the urge arises while waiting to lick the spatula smeared with raw dough, offered by mom or grandma, and that desire grows with the cake inside the oven.
Beat the eggs with the sugar, add the flour and all the other ingredients so that the dough is formed is magical. But, unfortunately, it is not just magic that creates the most beautiful and delicious sweets. When it comes to cake, you need to follow a reliable recipe and understand some fundamental factors so that it looks beautiful, fluffy and ready to be devoured.
Who has never suffered because of an embatured cake? Enough of that! We made a step-by-step guide to make your cakes a success today and always. Come here:

  • Preheat the oven is the first step when making a cake, always. Cold oven does not bake anything perfectly and, to grow, the dough needs thermal shock. The minimum preheat time is 20 minutes, so do not put the cake pan in the oven before this time. The average temperature of baking cakes is 180˚C, but it can vary to a little less or more, depending on the recipe;
  • Sometimes, the temperature that the oven indicates is not right, a sign that your oven needs to be adjusted. To make sure, place an oven thermometer in the center and turn it on at 200 ° C, for example, as if it were going to preheat. If the temperature indicated on the thermometer is very different from the oven, call a technician to solve this problem. That goes for everyone, especially if you make sweets for orders.
  • Make sure that the ingredients are in room temperature (considered regular by normal temperature and pressure conditions – CNTP), especially eggs – if you don’t live in a very hot place, you don’t even need to store them in the refrigerator (this post has an explanation on the subject). Some specific recipes call for cold ingredients, such as milk, but this is not very common;
  • Speaking of ingredients, the yeast must be fresh. Keep an eye on the expiration date, but if you are still in doubt, there is a method to find out if it is still good to use: click here to check it out;
  • Yeast is the last thing to be added to the dough. It should not be beaten too much, so incorporate it gently until you are sure that the mixture is homogeneous;
  • Did you put the cake in the oven? Great – hold on and do not open the door in the first 20 minutes. The best secret for a cake to bake beautifully is to let it live this process alone, happy and warm inside. You can do it, I know it!

The perfect cake guide


  • Every time my cake bakes, it forms a mountain and it cracks. This is bad?

Some cakes have more water and more fat and, consequently, are more moist. So it is normal for them to open at the top while baking and this is a good sign, it means that it worked!
Unless you are making a sponge cake, which is a drier cake, there is no point in wanting your cake not to open on top, as this would mean that it went wrong, that it solved and became hard.
Now, if you want to use this cake to make a stuffed cake when ready and for that you need it completely smooth, the tip is to cut the top of your cake horizontally with a bread knife and use only the straight base to assemble it.
The perfect cake guide

  • What do I do to make my cake grow?

In addition to the basic tips mentioned above, there is a fundamental factor for the cake to grow beautifully. Never beat the dough in excess after you add the flour. Remember that it is a cake recipe, not bread, so gluten cannot develop in this dough. When beating too much this protein becomes elastic and the result is a cake with a “sole” aspect.
The tip is to incorporate the flour only until the dough becomes homogeneous. In the case of gluten-free cakes (click here to check numerous recipes), there is no problem in beating the dough, since the flour used in the recipes does not contain protein; D
The perfect cake guide

  • How to make the cake wet?

Cakes that have oil or milk in the dough are usually wetter, but that does not mean that a recipe for cake with butter and water is not amazing either. In fact, timing in the oven is crucial. Did you stick the straw in the center and it came out clean? Great! Dturn off the oven and remove the cake from there, otherwise the dough will continue to bake in the heat and will be dry.
If you want to wet the cake with some syrup after it’s done, feel free. In fact, click here to see our different syrup recipes: there are cherry, chocolate, passion fruit and so on!)
The perfect cake guide

  • Why does my carrot cake look a little crumbly, looking raw?

First of all, pay attention to the amounts of ingredients. A medium carrot can be too big for me and too small for you, so weighing is essential for a recipe to always be successful. Invest in a digital scale (click here to check some models) and you will see how it is worth it.
Another thing that may seem silly but that always works is put the toothpick right in the center of the cake to see if it’s completely roasted. There are a lot of people who stick the corner closest to the oven opening and the toothpick comes out clean, so you think the cake is already baked. The cakes will always bake from the edges to the center, so the toothpick should be inserted right in the center.
layered carrot cake

  • What is the tip to unmold my cakes?

As soon as you remove the cake from the oven, hold the anxiety and wait until it has cooled completely before unmolding it. Unless the recipe calls for you to unmold quickly, like some sponge cakes, it is best to take the cake out of the pan when it is cold. Oh, and of course: the mold must have been very well greased and floured (or sprinkled with cocoa, if it is a chocolate cake) to help you in this process, but remember to remove the excess powder, as this can end making it difficult to unmold.
If you can’t use butter to grease the mold and you don’t want to use oil, there is an unusual ingredient that replaces these two very well: paste or bar beeswax – just melt a little and that’s it.
Another precious tip is to unmold the cake as soon as it is cold. Nothing to keep you in shape all night, huh? Especially if the cake is wetter, since the moisture will stick to the entire shape.
The perfect cake guide
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featured photo: Bojon Gourmet
Did you like the tips? If you have any more to share with us, don’t be shy! The important thing is to gather knowledge and experiences to make our homes continue to smell like cake for a long time; D

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