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Sunday is a family lunch. It can be at home or on the street, the important thing is to let Dad and Mom choose what it will be. As I usually lose my vote when choosing the main ones, at least for dessert I assert my vote as an only daughter.
Galo Carioca is an honest and delicious gallery close to home and a frequent choice of them. Over there, I also find one of the versions of a sweet that moves me: Romeu & Julieta. I don’t know who associated the “cheese + goiabada” tripe to the classic of English literature. I only know that I savor myself by combining with the same overwhelming passion immortalized by Shakespeare.
gallo carioca 1 ickfd
In this case, Romeu is a generous scoop of homemade cheese ice cream and Julieta, a thick hot guava sauce. This mixture of hot and cold is amazing! Although the guava syrup is very sweet, I only dose it by snacking on a tico along with the ice cream. It looks so good …
gallo carioca 4gallo carioca 2 ickfd nanda nunes
And take the opportunity to share with us your hottest version of Romeo & Juliet, ok ?!
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