The Secrets to the Perfect Brigadeirão

The Secrets to the Perfect Brigadeirão

After sharing some tips on how to prepare a Carrot Cake Cuddly, it was time to talk about the perfect brigadeirão! Even though it is an easy recipe, several people complain that the texture was not as creamy as they expected. So, here are some basic recommendations for your dessert to work even better ?

Use powdered chocolate

Chocolate Cake
No chocolate when you prepare the brigadeirão! Those products that already contain sugar interfere both in the texture of the candy as well as in its flavor. For this reason, powdered chocolate is essential to keep the dessert balanced.

Ingredients at room temperature

Chocolate Cake
It may sound silly, but using the ingredients at room temperature makes all the difference. Respecting this “rule”, you will notice that everything mixes with a much greater ease. Consequently, the raw dough will get the ideal texture faster – ready to go in the oven!

Don’t forget the water bath

Chocolate Cake
Everyone is tired of knowing that brigadeirão needs to be roasted in a double boiler. Still, some people ignore this process and bake it like an ordinary cake. I don’t even have to say that the end result will not be what you imagine, right?
In addition to the dessert being baked in a water bath, always try to place the already hot water between the forms. Oh, and don’t even think about leaving the oven too hot for it to be ready faster. The longer the brigadeirão roasts, the creamier it will be – if the stove is low ?
To check the complete recipe for an ultra-creamy brigadeirão, just watch the video below!

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