The Secrets to the Perfect Butter Cream

The Secrets to the Perfect Butter Cream

One of the most amazing coverings in the world is, without a doubt, the butter cream. Also called buttercream, this delight makes the cakes beautiful without them having an unpleasant or nauseating taste.
Although it is easy to do, many people end up missing the point or flavor of the topping. If you have already made one of these mistakes, rest assured! We have separated some essential tips to make your butter cream perfect ?

Ingredients at room temperature


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This recommendation shouldn’t even be a surprise, but many people still miss that step. To prepare the bettercream perfect, the butter needs to have an ointment texture. That is, soft, but not melting too much.
If your butter is too hard because of the refrigerator, don’t even think about putting it in the microwave to melt. Set aside the amount you will need and let it soften naturally, combined?

Do not replace the butter

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As the name says, the butter cream must be made with – amazing – butter! Incredible as it may seem, some people substitute margarine for the ingredient. Consequently, the end result is a disaster. Therefore, never change this part of the recipe!

Use Swiss meringue

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To make your butter cream shiny and airy, prepare the recipe with the

swiss meringue. In this case, the egg whites and sugar go to the fire in a water bath and the sugar must melt completely. If you want to make sure the sugar has melted, just put a little of the mixture between your fingers and squeeze. If it feels grainy, it means it still needs to stay in the fire a little longer.
As soon as the mixture is warm and with the melted sugar, just beat well with the mixer. Then add this cream to the beaten butter. For a more detailed step-by-step, take a look at our recipe
unicorn cake.

Beat the cream gradually

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Buttercream is very delicate, so be careful with its texture. In addition, it is also at this stage that the flavor of the cream should be adjusted. First of all, beat the butter very well so that the flavor of the ingredient does not predominate.
Then, the Swiss meringue should be added gradually. For this step, you can use an electric mixer or a

fouet. Following these steps, your buttercream it will be white, fluffy and super tasty.



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Although buttercream is traditionally made with just three ingredients, feel free to add extra flavors. Pinches of salt, vanilla extract and lemon, for example, yield good toppings. Here on the website, for example, you will find a salted caramel cream wonderful. Just be careful that he doesn’t go wrong!
Is everyone prepared to make a very tasty and smooth butter cream?

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