the simple way to value bookshelves!

the simple way to value bookshelves!

It’s practically impossible to meet someone who doesn’t have a bookcase or shelves at home, right? Usually this type of piece with a more classic design is forgotten and hardly becomes the highlight in the décor. However, with touches of color here and there, the furniture can completely transform!

the simple way to value bookshelves!

Photo: Candy

If your bookcase is full of niches, why not add value to some of them with colored doors? In addition to the tones that attract attention, this “show and hide” game makes the composition more interesting and even allows you to accommodate some messes in the closed parts ?

the simple way to value bookshelves!

Photos: Dezeen and Daily Tonic

The shelf partitions themselves can also be colored, right? You can either bet on the same tone always repeating the pattern, but you can also use different colors and paint each niche in a unique way.
In the first case, the effect is more discreet and can even form a more geometric design:

The second creates a more modern and very cool decor, after all, this unusual mix always works in cooler environments!

the simple way to value bookshelves!

Photos: @kerfdesign and Apartment Therapy

For the more discreet, it is worth investing in colored funds! The objects will cover the colors delicately, but still the furniture gains a much greater charm.

Another great alternative for those who enjoy a cleaner decor, is to invest in colors only on the shelf supports, such as French hands or even rails in flashy tones ?

Did you see how simple and creative options to revitalize a forgotten corner or piece of furniture in the house are not lacking? If you have more tips on how to transform an environment with little, be sure to share it here in the comments ?

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