The sustainable side of fashion

The sustainable side of fashion

It is no longer possible to associate excessive consumption with happiness. Although I love buying new pieces that have everything to do with me, it’s time to think more about where these tons of clothes and accessories are coming from, isn’t it?
It was precisely by reflecting more on the subject that I realized that it was not enough to just donate or sell what I no longer use. In addition to periodically cleaning the closet, I went to search for new brands with a legal ideology, with beautiful products and with a lot of quality. Of course, I found a lot of amazing things and I came to share with you!

Crua Design


Photos – Crua Design

I don’t know about you, but I already had a phase completely in love with jewelry. In addition to buying many, he always looked for cheap options. Of course, in addition to the quality of not being those things, the pieces have very dubious origins.
Crua Design has nothing to do with it! The pieces are produced with recycled wood. The designer Germana Lópes seeks the raw material even in joinery that does not use the small pieces of wood.
I not only loved the brand proposal, but I was delighted with the final result of the very minimalist pieces! The best? You can buy online!

Gioconda Clothing


Gioconda Clothing photos

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