The tights you need to have

The tights you need to have

Anyone who knows me knows about my passion for pantyhose! They are practical, warm and delicious! There are so many models that I didn’t even know where to start. I separated the ones I like best for you to be inspired and create beautiful looks this winter!



Photo 1 – Le Happy / Photo 2 – Polished to perfection / Photo 3 – State of style

I’m a big fan! There are thousands of variations and you can compose more serious looks with smaller powder (look 1 and 3) or more flashy with much larger balls (look 2).



Foto 1 – Fashion Life Ita / Foto 2 – Livrinho Loira / Foto 3 – Style Junkeez

They lift the look! Here it takes a little bit of daring to match, but if you love a color this is the best option. There are more subdued colors for those who are afraid of risks (look 1), but what makes it funny is the mixture of strong tones that escape the monotony of winter compositions – which almost always have a more basic palette.



Photo 1 and 3 – Pros and Cons of Stefy / Photo 2 – Trendy Legs

Want to make the look good Fun? Choose fun socks like the ones in the pictures above and play! This is a great suggestion for anyone who is afraid to take a chance on colors, but still loves a joyful production. Models with designs of kittens, stars or bows make your look much more cute. One of my favorites!

Where to find?


Photo 1 – refinary 29 (Wolford) / Photo 2 – Inexplicably Obsessed (American Apparel) / Photo 3 – Don’t Tease (Lupo)

I’m in love with Wolford! They last longer than any other and the models are more beautiful than the other – it is almost impossible to choose just one! The pieces are not very cheap, but they are worth it, see? The second look brings a sock from American Apparel – the brand has a virtual store that delivers throughout the country. Besides the excellent quality, the parts are not so expensive. A great cost benefit! In the last look I chose a sock from Wolf – they have stores in all states of Brazil and you can still find them in several e-commerces. The pieces are very varied and you will surely find one that you like!

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