The trails and waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros

The trails and waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros

Those who followed the Chapada dos Veadeiros vlogs on the channel, saw that we gave as much information about the conditions of the trails and our opinion about each of the waterfalls. To help those who are planning a trip to the region even more, I shared our entire itinerary on My Maps and now I decided to write this post detailing even more the points we went through and what is important to take on the trails and tours there.
Our main advice is to go with the correct footwear! Forget gym shoes, a good hiking boot is essential, because even on the lightest paths you will find sand and stones.
Another tip is to go with a good backpack, light and spacious! Always take plenty of water, fruits and even sandwiches! As you spend all day walking, it is very important to take food and drink to spare. Also be sure to take a yoke to stretch on the rocks next to the waterfalls. It’s a delight to spend some time sunbathing and relaxing before walking again de
The trails and waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros
Last but not least, go with light clothespast sunscreen and take a hat or cap! You are going to sunbathe and you can’t toast right on the first day, right? Light clothing does not necessarily have to be shorts and tank tops. Leggigns and short-sleeved shirts are good options for cooler days.
Aaah, don’t forget to go with swimwear underneath, after all, everyone deserves a dip in the waterfall after a trail!


Trail Canyon II and Carioca, which are always indicated with the little red arrow. It is 10 km of the total and, more or less 1h30 to go and more 1h30 to return. Parking is paid (R $ 15.00), but admission is free and you can contribute to the volunteers with the amount you prefer. The trail itself is very quiet, almost completely flat, perfect for starting the walks in the Park ? The only more “tense” moments are arriving at the waterfalls. As there are many stones, you have to be careful, but nothing too much.
Of course, we stopped at the Cariocas and Canyon II waterfalls. The first is more relaxing and cozy, where you can sunbathe on the rocks and have a snack. On the other hand, the view from the top of Canyon II is fascinating!
The trails and waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros
I recommend going to both, because each one has its own charm, you know? Unlike what we did, I recommend going to Canyon II first and ending the day at Cariocas which is more welcoming.


A slightly heavier trail than the first day, the Almécegas I. Access is through Fazenda São Bento and, as it is a private property, the cost per person is R $ 30.00.
The 1km route has more uphill and downhill, so a shoe that doesn’t slip is super important. The best time to reach the waterfall is at noon, because it is the only time when the sun shines!
The trails and waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros
The viewpoints along the way are beautiful so be sure to stop to admire and take some pictures! Even with the incredible scenery, it is clear that we do not fail to go down to the well of the waterfall. Despite the place being beautiful, the water was so cold that only Paulo entered.
Another cool point on this trail is the Natural Pools. As it gets more sunny, the water is a little warmer and the view is wonderful! You can really enjoy it ?
The trails and waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros
In the afternoon we went to one of the most famous spots in the region, the Valley of the Moon. Admission per person was R $ 20.00, the access trail is very quiet and is only 600 meters. As for the schedule, don’t do like us! Try to arrive around 3:30 pm / 4 pm, as entry is only allowed until 5 pm.
The Vale da Lua itself is 400 meters long and at the end of it you will find the well for swimming. The whole place is fantastic, the rocks and craters are gigantic! Be sure to enjoy a few hours there and return before 5:30 pm, the time when snakes start to leave.


We went to the city of Cavalcante, where we passed the Tourist Assistance Center (CAT) and took a map of the region. In the city, you can also hire guides that are essential. As our plan was to go to Cachoeira de Santa Bárbara and Vão das Almas, we prefer to leave to hire the guide in the Kalunga Community.
In the end, there was no time to go to Vão das Almas, so what we recommend is to spend 2 days in Cavalcante to calmly make the waterfall and also learn more about the Community.
The trails and waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros
Arriving at the Community, we stop at CAT where we hire our guide. To enter you pay R $ 20.00 per person + the guide. As we went in a group of 8 people to Cachoeira de Santa Bárbara, it cost R $ 8.50 each. We still paid for transportation (arara stick) to the vicinity of the waterfall and it cost R $ 10.00 round trip per person.
The trails and waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros
The trail to the waterfall is full of rocks and climbs, but it is very worth it! The place is beautiful, the water is very clear and cold to the extent! Tourists can only stay 1 hour at the waterfall, but we consider this a good thing since it is a relatively small place and it would be very crowded if it didn’t have this time limit. The best time is from 11am to 12pm, when there is plenty of sun!
This is one of those trips that we end up with a taste of want more, after all, there are many other incredible places to visit! Even though I spent only 3 days there, I could already see how special this region is ?

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