The Wedding Cake Story
The wedding cake story

The Wedding Cake Story

THE Wedding Cake is one of the stars of the party – I even dare say that it is as important as the wedding dress. I’m lying?
Everyone wants to guarantee that satisfying piece of candy and also enjoy the other delights of the celebration. But who knows where this strong tradition of white cakes, decorated and with at least two floors, came from?


Complete recipe

Even before the wedding cake was a cake, the main dish of the party was actually a kind of bread. The recipe used to be very simple, with water and salt as the main ingredients.
At that time, in ancient Rome, the bride and groom kneaded a piece of bread on the bride’s head and the more he crumbled, the more luck and fertility the couple would have. But how did the guests participate in that moment? They ran and fought to get the crumbs with the intention of also being lucky and a prosperous life. Almost the same function as the bouquet, but without involving the wedding so much.
In Medieval England, however, the scheme was different. The rolls were seasoned and arranged in a large pile – almost like a croquembouche. That is, all care was welcome to keep the tower upright. And the tradition does not end there! The bride and groom had to kiss on the stacked loaves and, if that tower did not fall, they would have a long life together.

And the cake?

wedding cake story

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After the bread and before the cake, pies were the most common dishes at weddings. Oh, and they were salty, not sweet! As far as is known, the oldest annotation that talks about this tradition is from 1685, describing a wide pie, with meats and spices.
The sweets themselves only started to gain prominence when sugar became more “popular”. The ingredient was expensive and was not common in many places! Therefore, at first cakes they were made without very special coatings. Then, with the passage of time, mainly in England, there was a trend of decoration with fruits and nuts. Very classic, right?
THE white cover it only came on the scene after the sugar started to become increasingly clear because of the refining process. Oh, and as this was a very expensive ingredient at the time, using white coverage was synonymous with wealth!
Speaking of wealth, it was royalty itself that marked this tradition of large, white and decorated cakes. The classic version served today at parties was designed for Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840.
That is, the classic Royal icing that we heard so much started to be done at that time there. Who knew that? And there’s more! As the cakes started to be white, the color of the candy also came to symbolize the purity of the bride.

Double cut?

Wedding Cake

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Another very curious fact regarding the wedding cake is the couple’s ritual of cutting the candy together. This only happens today because in the past the cakes started to get very hard because of the toppings and the various layers.
In such cases, the bride ‘needed’ the groom’s help to cut the delight. From then on, this custom of the ceremony became synonymous with complicity and love.
So, do you know more curiosities involving the history of the wedding cake? Comment here!

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