The “Wild Diet” Lose weight without counting calories – that’s how it works!

The "Wild Diet" Lose weight without counting calories - that's how it works!

Extend your claws and tackle the excess kilos! With the new “Wild Diet”, the little love handles are on the collar – without going hungry.

How does the diet work?

Only unprocessed food ends up on the plate, just as it occurs in the wild. So you can eat your fill! Because the wholesome food provides your body with everything it needs and gets fat burning going. And in contrast to many other diets, the “Wild Diet” can even be done for up to 40 days.

Where is the trend coming from?

It was invented by the American Abel James. His idea: Clean Eating, i.e. natural foods, bring the metabolic processes in the body back into their natural rhythm. Not only do you burn more calories, you also notice faster when you are full.

What can i eat?

There are plenty of fresh vegetables, meat and fish as well as fruits for meals. Herbs, dairy products and vegetable fats are also allowed. Thanks to the full load of proteins and fiber, there are no cravings. The only waiver: carbohydrates and sugar. So bread, pasta and cookies are taboo.

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