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Source: Gelateria Del Teatro

Hello, loves!
Here is Lelê Gianetti from the blog It Yourself with another post for ICKFD. Today I will give a delicious tip to anyone who is in Rome, Italy.

Last year I made my first Eurotrip and one of the cities I most enjoyed visiting was Rome. I spent a few wonderful days there and tasted several delights that the Italian capital offers, among them, Italian gelato. To taste this classic from Italy, the place I went to was Gelateria del Teatro.
The gelateria has this name because it is located very close to a super famous tourist spot in Rome, the Teatro di Marcello, and has a very cute decoration. Right away I loved it!

Source: An American in Rome

The way we order is practically the same as we find here in Brazil, with the massive flavors of “Gelato do Leo” (the ice cream that is served there) exposed for us to choose what we want. The balls are served in the cone or cup.

Source: Rough Guides

The curious thing is the fact that, unlike here, it is only possible to taste 1 flavor. That’s right, only 1! That is, if we want to order more than 1 ball of different flavors, it will be kind of dark, as there is only one flavor tasting! Hahaha … It’s laughing so as not to cry.
In addition to the gelato, they also offer some sweets that are beautiful, but unfortunately I ended up not tasting ?

Well, going back to talking about ice creams, as I was with my fiancé, we chose to assemble two cups with 2 balls each (even though I could only try one).
The flavors I chose were Pistachio and Brownie and kiss (which is our chocolate with hazelnut).

Look, the two are very tasty, and the Brownie and kiss it is well balanced, without being too sweet. But my highlight goes to the ice cream of Pistachio, which is simply delicious and very different – one of the best I’ve ever tasted in my life!

My fiance opted for two flavors that are very traditional, the Kiss tears it up (which is our flakes) and the Berries (which is the red fruit ice cream).
His choices were also tasty, especially red berries. The flakes was good, but a little too common, you know ?!

Good loves, that’s it! If you are in Rome (or have plans to go there) and want to taste a good traditional Italian ice cream, you can go to Gelateria del Teatro without fear of being happy. #ficaadica
The ice cream shop is on Via dei Coronari, 65-66, very close to the Teatro di Marcello ?
Lelê Gianetti

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