Third piece tied up

Third piece tied up

Mid season is coming! At the end of the afternoon, in addition to the traditional rain, the cold comes – even if it is light. For those hours it is always good to bring a cardigan or a shirt.

trick-of-styling-tying-on-the-waist-danielle-noce-1 Picture – Bettys

At that time there is no coat, right? The third piece is usually very light, perfect for a cooler breeze or even in the air-conditioned office.
In addition to being super useful, these pieces can be the great differentiator of your production! Shirts and jackets tied around the waist are perfect for a casual look and for a more discreet mix of prints!

trick-of-styling-tying-on-the-waist-danielle-noce-2 Picture – Style Caster

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