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digital-ice cream-lukasz-ickfd
Look carefully. Observe the incidence of light, the texture of the chocolate chips, the cutlery. Nor did I believe it when I learned that this cake and none of the elements that make up the photo are real. Isn’t it impressive?
Who showed me the work of this designer was Paula Lumi, of the Ham Veggie (she has already made several delicious vegan desserts here for ICKFD, check out), who besides making delicious videos, is a designer and also works in 3D. Thank you, Paulinha! I loved it ?
Lukasz Sztukowski is Polish (ah go) and lives in Switzerland, where he works as a freelancer doing this type of graphic project. In three days (!!!), he created it all from scratch from a similar photo he saw on the internet. He added some details and that was it. Each particle is made by hand using programs specialized in this, such as Photoshop, for example. It makes you want to learn to do this kind of thing, right? But it must be difficult and it takes countless time and dedication. The funny thing is what he said, “It was torture to do that, very difficult … I was always hungry”. Welcome to the team, Lukasz; D
To learn more about his work, click here. It is worth checking!
If you saw that image out there, would you believe it to be real? Tell me down here.

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