Those who enjoy notebooks, blocks and planners will love it! – Stationery

Those who enjoy notebooks blocks and planners will love it – stationery

I don’t know about you, but I love to buy notebooks, note pads and beautiful pens to decorate and organize my home office. When I was studying I was even more passionate about stationery!


Picture – Serendipity (Melina Souza)

Nowadays we have thousands of options when it comes to buying these items. In addition to the big chains, we have the neighborhood stationers, a website like Ali Express…
I confess that it ends up being much easier to buy over the internet and I fell in love with five stationery stores that sell online. As I know that a lot of people love having a beautiful note pad in their purse, I decided to show them my favorites:

Came in the Suitcase

preferred-online-stationery-danielle-noce-2 Photos – Instagram @veionamala and website

Their stamps are wonderful – they even sell the white ones. The quality of the products is great, as well as being super cute. I fell in love with the decorated pen kit!

Sweet woman

preferred-online-stationery-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Instagram @donnadolceloja e local

Notebooks with fun and super cute prints! I love lighter prints, with super feminine flowers. Those who enjoy notebooks, blocks and planners will love it!

Stationary store

preferred-online-stationery-danielle-noce-5 Photos – Instagram @la_papeterie and website

I was crazy about the brand decorated stickers and tapes! It’s all in very good taste, in the pastel tones that I love so much!

He invented

preferred-online-stationery-danielle-noce-3 Photos – Instagram @heyinvent and website

I love fun prints! Everything is very beautiful and the smaller versions are charming. I would have blocks of all possible prints myself!

Lilou Studio

preferred-online-stationery-danielle-noce-4 Photos – Site

I’ve already partnered with the brand and I love the quality of the products. They vary the articles a lot and that’s the maximum. The first and last images are from the ICKFD collection. The books come with some beautiful kitchen accessories!
In addition, they sell several specific planners, such as travel planners. The material they use is also of high quality – it even has leather finishes!
Do you also love stationery?

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